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How does it work?

  • Much like a sticker chart, the Stinkerpants Reward chart uses the concept of working toward a goal.
  • Each time your child completes a task, they move the corresponding magnet to the chart. 
  • When they've moved all five magnets to the chart, they get a reward (I recommend time with you, rather than a new toy).
  • If you'd like your child to complete more than five tasks, flip the chart around and use two rows for ten tasks.


    stop buying stickers! magnets are reusable




    Why do kids need a visual reward chart?


    Sometimes little kids are hard to motivate (this may
    be putting it lightly). When you make learning a 
    new skill fun, they're motivated to do it.

    Gives a sense of control

    Kids have a fundamental need to feel some power over their
    lives. Involving them in the process of learning a new skill 
    makes them feel like an active participant in creating it.

    Provides a constant reminder

    Little kids often can't remember our words, but visual
    aids help reinforce them - giving them the ability to 
    truly learn and remember new skills.

    It's fun!

    Kids love learning new skills, love the process of moving 
    the magnets, and feel a sense of accomplishment
    when they complete each task.






    make learning a new skill fun




    Kids love the cute (but not cute-sy)
    magnets. Parents love the subtle
    colors, which won't interfere with decor.

    Easily build the right reward chart 
    for your unique family, with magnets
    for every activity or family situation.

    Magnets are strong and won't fall
    off accidentally. The reward chart can be
    washed in the sink with soap and water.


    Motivate your kiddo to learn a new skill

    The Stinkerpants' Reward Chart is a special "sticker chart" that helps pre-readers understand what is expected of them with visual
    representations of common tasks. Perfect for kids who need extra cajoling to remember to wash their hands, use the potty, or brush their teeth.
    Bring peace to your household — it only takes two minutes to build your custom reward chart!