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Calendar Kit for Kids with Cancer

When your child has cancer, you're entered into a world of medical terminology, doctor's appointments, and fear that you never imagined having to face. You rely on your phone's calendar to keep track of the many "must-dos" of your life, but your kid can't reference your phone like you can, and has trouble keeping track of what's happening, and when.

You can make a horrible time a bit easier on them with our Kids' Cancer set, which helps your kids visually understand when they'll be home, and when they'll have treatment. You can also give them something to look forward to with the set of light activity steel buttons, which are fun activities that are easy enough to do from bed.

Works perfectly with the book, What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer,which explains the science of cancer and how it affects a kid's day-to-day.


  • Fully magnetic
  • Dry erase
  • 11" wide by 5.5" tall
  • Each day fits up to four steel buttons.
  • Hangs anywhere:
    • Magnetic surfaces like refrigerators
    • Non-magnetic surfaces, like a wall, using the included Command® strips and unique click-in-to-place magnets
  • Reusable sticker sheet includes 50 total cling stickers, including 7 hospital, 7 home, 7 chemo, 5 radiation, 1 scan day, 1 blood draw, 2 medicine, 5 fill-in-the-blanks (which are compatible with sharpie, dry- and wet-erase pens), and light activities to give kids something to look forward to.
  • 15 glossy, magnetic steel buttons

Please Note:

Our individually printed buttons have been discontinued and are exempted from our return policy as of 8/22/2021. They will no longer be sold as of 9/30/2021. Thank you!

About our steel buttons

Mighty + Bright's 1.25" (30mm) steel buttons are NOT magnets.They are strong, sturdy, and will only work with our unique chart or other magnetic product. 

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