Book: The Bear is Not There (Understanding Emotions + the Nervous System)

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Explaining the science of our nervous system takes the the confusion out of big feelings and huge emotional experiences, which makes it easier for kids to feel a sense of control over their emotions.

What do you do when big emotions take over your whole body?
For kids trying to understand and come to terms with the world, big concepts like our emotions - and the power they seem to have over us - can be overwhelming.

This is important book is the second in Mighty + Bright's highly anticipated "Emotions" series, and introduces the science of the nervous system and the concept of developing coping skills. It is featured in Month 5 of the "Kids Mental Health Skills at Home" program.

This book covers:

  • The concept that bodies are built with cells, and that neurons are "communicator" cells;
  • The role of the brain and body in determining what is "safe" and "unsafe";
  • The idea that sometimes our brains make mistakes in their stress response;
  • What to do when we find our bodies in a stress response;
  • Coping strategies (and why they work), including "name it to tame it," taking deep breaths, imagining a safe place, physical activity, and more.
  • Making a plan for how to use coping strategies.

    Meet Mia and Stuart

    With her messy pigtails and sunny personality, Mia brings a bit of fun to books about hard topics. Explaining life's toughest stuff to her toy giraffe Stuart, Mia is the star of the What About Me? book series, where she's able to help kids feel safe by explaining exactly what they can expect when faced with big changes.

    About the Author

    Sara Olsher is the founder of Mighty + Bright, which helps families through hard things like divorce, cancer, and other major changes using visual magnetic calendars. Based on decades of research about emotional intelligence and how to talk to kids so they actually learn, Mighty + Bright's calendars have helped hundreds of families through some of the hardest times in their lives.

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