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Non-Magnetic Kit: Book and Calendar Kit to Help Kids Cope with a Sibling's Cancer Diagnosis

This low-cost kit is created for hospitals, professionals, government organizations and nonprofit organizations ONLY and is available for purchase in bulk.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the whole family is diagnosed. While the family rallies around the child in treatment, siblings are often left wondering what happens next. This book and calendar set will help them understand how their sibling's treatment will affect their own routine.

The book is a much-needed resource focusing specifically on the siblings of pediatric cancer patients, explaining the science of cancer, how it will affect their life (not just their brother or sister), and addresses common feelings or worries.

Help them keep track of where their sibling will be with stickers for hospital and different types of appointments. Show them who will be handling school drop-off and pick-up, so they never wonder whether they'll be forgotten. Also includes 10 "light activities" to plan fun, quiet things to do with their sibling.

This kit is created for hospitals and nonprofit organizations and is available for purchase in bulk.


  • What Happens When My Sibling Has Cancer is a full-color, 32-page softcover book. More information below.
  • Thick cardstock calendar is fully dry-erase and measures 8.5" x 11"
    • Each day is split into morning & evening
    • Each day fits up to eight reusable stickers
    • Store your unused stickers on the back of the calendar!
  • Reusable sticker sheet includes 50 total cling stickers, including 7 "tired" days, 7 "good" days, 7 hospital, 5 radiation, 2 chemo, 2 doctor, 2 long stickers for filling in school drop-off and pick-up responsibilities, 5 fill-in-the-blanks (which are compatible with sharpie, dry- and wet-erase pens), and 10 light activities to give kids something to look forward to.


From the author of 5-star booksWhat Happens When Someone I Love Has Cancerand What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer comes a book written specifically for the siblings of kids with cancer.

A child's cancer diagnosis affects all members of the family, and there are virtually no resources for siblings. As parents necessarily shift their attention to the ill child, their sibling is left feeling confused, scared, and oftentimes jealous.

As Shani T., Certified Child Life Specialist and founder of said, "There’s a serious gap in care for the siblings of cancer patients. To have a resource like this is invaluable."

Pages from "What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer", the best book for kids with cancer by Sara Olsher

About the Book

Join Mia and her stuffed giraffe Stuart as they explain the science of cancer and how a loved one's diagnosis and treatment affects a kid's day-to-day life.What Happens When My Sibling Has Cancer uses bright and fun illustrations to show how cells can turn into cancer, and helps reduce confusion about how cancer treatment affects the child and their siblings.

"Most of the time we do the same things in the mornings. We wake up. We eat breakfast. (I like apples. Stuart only eats bugs.) ... when something big changes, what we do each day can change too. Stuart wants to know what happens to our days when our brother or sister has cancer."

Even when your sibling has cancer, there are lots of activities you can still do together. Sometimes chemo might make them feel tired, but sometimes they want to run and play.

Aimed at families with kids ages 4 to 10, this method of teaching is based on decades of solid science about how kids learn and cope with the major day-to-day changes that result from issues like cancer.What Happens When My Sibling Has Cancer is the perfect book for families that want to recognize the tough emotions that come from having a sibling with cancer. These kids often experience jealousy, guilt, and loneliness, and may feel like no one cares about them.

By creating a routine that kids can see and understand, parents can restore a sense of safety and predictability in their kids' lives, helping them to be more resilient in the face of life's inevitable challenges.What Happens When My Sibling Has Cancer helps families that want to reduce their kids' anxiety surrounding a scary diagnosis. It aims to empower kids with knowledge, which is proven to help kids through traumatic situations.

Brothers and sisters of cancer patients experience a lot of different types of emotions, including loneliness, resentment, guilt, and happiness.

Meet Mia and Stuart

With her messy pigtails and sunny personality, Mia brings a bit of fun to books about hard topics. Explaining life's toughest stuff to her toy giraffe Stuart, Mia is the star of the What About Me? book series, where she's able to help kids feel safe by explaining exactly what they can expect when faced with big changes.

About the Author

Sara Olsher is the founder of Mighty + Bright, which helps families through hard things like divorce, cancer, and other major changes using visual magnetic calendars. Based on decades of research about emotional intelligence and how to talk to kids so they actually learn, Mighty + Bright's calendars have helped hundreds of families through some of the hardest times in their lives.

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