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Co-Parenting Calendar for Separation + Divorce

Magnet Size
Include Picture Book?

A unique magnetic co-parenting calendar for kids! Helps parents explain shared custody


  • Calendar is fully magnetic and dry erase
  • 14" wide by 4.75" tall
  • Includes 12 steel buttons - 5 for each parent and 2 transition days
    • Choose from Mom + Dad, Two Moms, or Two Dads
  • Each day fits up to eight "big kid" steel buttons and 2-3 "little kid" steel buttons.
  • Hangs anywhere:
    • Magnetic surfaces like refrigerators
    • Non-magnetic surfaces, like a wall, using the included Command® strips and unique click-in-to-place magnets.
  • Includes a printable psychologist-approved guide for talking to kids about divorce + using the co-parenting calendar.

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How it Works

Kids develop confidence and high self esteem when they have a predictable, safe home base. Busy lives can be confusing to kids, and a personalized calendar helps them feel secure by showing them what to expect day-to-day. Visually display your child's entire life using steel buttons representative of school, common activities, custody schedules, appointments, and more. Use the calendar to show your child where they'll be and when. 

About the Book

Kid and grown-ups have lots of fears, but for many of us, the "unknown" edges out pretty much everything else. When something big like a divorce or separation happens in a child’s life, they often feel like everything they know is thrown into chaos. Kids (like the rest of us) handle change best if they know what to expect, both on a day-to-day basis and long-term. What Happens When Parents Get Divorced? makes sense of marital separation and creates a visual routine that helps kids feel safe.


Join Stinkerpants and her stuffed giraffe Stuart as they explain what separation and divorce is and how it affects a kid’s day-to-day life. Using an illustrated calendar to explain how divorce affects a child’s daily routine, What Happens When Parents Get Divorced? focuses on the child’s experience and removes the unknowns from the equation. This book takes the proven therapy technique of using a custody calendar and brings it to book form, helping parents show kids exactly what to expect.

By creating a routine that kids can see and understand, parents can restore a sense of safety and predictability in their kids’ lives, helping them to be more resilient in the face of life’s inevitable challenges. What Happens When Parents Get Divorced? is the perfect book for families that want to reduce their kids’ anxiety surrounding divorce and separation. It aims to empower kids with knowledge, which is proven to help kids through traumatic situations.


Aimed at families with kids ages 4 to 10, this method of teaching is based on decades of solid science about how kids learn and cope with the major day-to-day changes that result from life's toughest stuff.

Meet Stinkerpants and Stuart
With her messy pigtails and silly name, Stinkerpants brings a bit of fun to books about hard topics. Explaining life’s toughest stuff to her toy giraffe, Stuart, Stinkerpants is the star of the What About Me? book series, where she’s able to help kids feel safe by explaining exactly what they can expect when faced with big changes. 

About our charts

Mighty + Bright's charts are fully magnetic, sturdy, and can be used on magnetic surfaces (like a fridge) or non-magnetic surfaces, like a wall, using our included wall-mount magnets. The charts are designed to be removed for weekly planning together, then returned to their place.

Invest in multiple weeks to create a rotating, always-up-to-date command center. Thick + sturdy, our charts will last for years. They'll also grow with your kids, thanks to our additional magnet sets. Using our included wall set, you can hang your chart anywhere in your house, and never worry about damaging your walls.

We include our special click-into-place wall magnets with every chart, so you have the flexibility to install your calendar wherever works best.

Need to remove them? We partnered with Command™ to use their adhesive strips, which hold strongly on paint, wood, tile and more. They also come off cleanly - no holes, marks, sticky residue or stains.

If you need to move your chart, you can purchase large Command refills at many retailers, including Target and Amazon.

Not everyone has a magnetic fridge, and some charts are better suited for other locations, like:

  • near a child's bedroom
  • in the bathroom for morning and evening routines
  • on a kitchen wall
  • near backpacks in a mud room
  • on the back of a door

About our steel buttons

Mighty + Bright's steel buttons are strong, sturdy, and come in two sizes. Note: these are NOT magnetic and will only work with our unique chart or other magnetic product.




  • 1.5 inches, or two pennies in diameter
  • 2 - 3 steel buttons fit on each day in the Calendar
  • 9 steel buttons fit each line on the Routine Chart
  • 1 inch, or one quarter coin in diameter
  • 8 steel buttons fit on each day in the Calendar
  • 14 steel buttons fit each line on the Routine Chart


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

From the moment I got my package and opened it, my mood was dramatically uplifted! Every detail was spot on! The motivational messages and inspiring quotes gave me all the feels! A truly special company and an amazing product! Thank you!

BEST Calendar, Owner and COMPANY

Sara has not only created a phenomenal product with her magnetic timesharing calendar (which has completely changed my 3.5 year olds struggle with having two households and feelings of instability) but she's also a rock star with amazing customer service. Her website is super easy to use, there are so many choices to make sure the order matches YOUR family dynamic. And it's FUN for kids and parents to use an interactive tool that kids can easily be involved with to let them feel in control of a situation they have very little say in sometimes. Every morning my son moves his "today" magnet so he can see where he will be going for the night, plus he adds magnets for fun activities we can enjoy together throughout the week. Something to look forward to when it's tough to transition to another home. Love Mighty + Bright, her genius inventions and sweet, helpful demeanor to get us through the tough stuff. Thank you Sara.


Co-Parenting Calendar for Separation + Divorce

Co-Parenting Magnet calendar

I love this calendar. It is so nice to have it on our fridge. We work together to fill it in and talk what our week will be like. I also got the chore magnets and that has inspired them to be more helpful around the house!

Such a great design and so helpful!

Honestly this type of calendar would be helpful for any kid (or even adult!). It just brings a bit of peace being able to get a quick snapshot of the week ahead. My 5 year old has recently started living in two houses and this has really helped him understand what his coming days will be like and to start to digest the rhythm of his life. We got a ton of magnets so he's been enjoying adding some activities to his week himself, even when some of them are wishful thinking (ice cream! trip to the beach!). But I do think it's giving him a sense of power that's very helpful to kiddos who are struggling to getting used to change that's out of their control.

Great Product!

I’m a recently divorced father who has 50/50 joint custody. My daughter is 4 years old, and she was getting confused about the visitation schedule, and that was causing her anxiety.

This product has helped her to understand where she’s going to be on each day. I’m very grateful. Thank you.

Really helpful!

Got this to help my 2.5yr old daughter with separation anxiety and am really glad I did! I just wish the base pack came with more mommy-magnets since our situation is not nearly 50/50!

Great product and customer service!

My 5yr old twins love their calendar and magnets. It helps them understand the week ahead and "how many days until" questions can easily be seen on the calendar.

Thank you so much, Dave!
Amazing product

So useful and helpful for my kids in preparing them for the weekly schedule and routine!

Thanks so much, Sarah!

Easy to install on wall and very sturdy. Great product.

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