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Bulk Kids' Book and Co-Parenting Calendar Discounts for Divorce Professionals

"I recommend to mediators that you build the cost of this kit into your fee so that you can give it to your clients for free as part of mediation." — Barbara Sunderland Manousso, PhD, MPH, Manousso Mediation and Arbitration LLC

As a Divorce Professional, you're on the front lines—
and you're in a unique position to help kids.

Mighty + Bright provides a children's book for kids dealing with divorce and separation, explaining divorce and co-parenting schedules from the child's perspective.

Each comes with a visual calendar just for kids to help them understand when they'll see each parent.

Use as a complement to My Family Wizard, Coparently, 2Houses, and other coparenting apps for parents (which kids can't see).


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