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Extra Today/Yesterday/Tomorrow + Blanks

Orders shipped from Mighty + Bright include a little extra gift from Sara — a mini sticker sheet with nine free reusable stickers. Please note: these gifts are not included with items shipped from Amazon or other retailers.

Add this to your order if you're buying calendars for multiple people, or if you've lost your set. Mighty + Bright's reusable stickers are designed to be easily taken on and off, over and over. 


  • Sticker sheet measures 6.5" x 3.25" and is made of reusable cling material.
  • Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday help your kids understand the concept of time. Many people just use "Today" but toddlers might like all three!
  • 6 blank stickers are compatible with dry and wet erase pens, for any "extras" we might not have thought of.

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