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15 Spare Blank Buttons

Mighty + Bright's reusable stickers are designed to be easily taken on and off, over and over. These buttons allow you to create a magnetic calendar with easy-to-move stickers. 

Every Mighty + Bright kit comes with 15 buttons each. Get this set if want more buttons in rotation at a time (easy to do when our upgrade sticker sheets have 108 different options each!). 

Once you put a sticker on the button, you can repeatedly peel it on and off and use the button for other stickers. Save those used, peeled-off stickers for later by sticking them back on the sheet they came on. 


  • Includes 15 glossy buttons for use with our reusable sticker sets
  • 1.25" (30mm) steel-backed buttons
  • Works only with the Mighty + Bright calendar

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