Cancer Party! A Book to Talk to Kids About Cancer


Looking to explain cancer to kids without scaring the bejeezus out of them? Cancer Party! is a little bit science, a little bit silly, and a lot straightforward. Without being overly emotional, Cancer Party! addresses the way that cells divide, how they work, and what happens when a cell gets confused and turns into cancer. 
Written and illustrated by a cancer survivor and mom to a six year-old, this book helps families address the physical impact cancer treatment has on a patient and their child, helps kids understand what to expect, and assures them that cancer isn't their fault.
Cancer Party! is the perfect book for families that want to explain what cancer actually is to kids, and applies to many types of cancer, including breast cancer, colon cancer, blood cancers such as leukemia, and bone cancers. Looking for a paperback version? Cancer Party! is available in paperback on Amazon.

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