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Time to Stay Home . . . What's Next? A Book for Little Kids About COVID-19

Ages 4-6
Book for older kids available here.


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When something huge (ahem, a pandemic) happens in a child's life, everything they know is thrown into chaos. Kids (like the rest of us) handle change best if they know what to expect, both on a day-to-day basis and long-term.

Time to Stay Home . . . What’s Next? helps kids understand that while some things have changed due to the coronavirus, many things have not — and that their routine will help them feel safe. Join Stinkerpants and her stuffed giraffe Stuart as they explain a kid's day-to-day life and what to do when feelings get BIG. Using an illustrated calendar to explain how staying home affects a child's daily routine,Time to Stay Home . . . What’s Next? focuses on the child's experience and removes unknowns from the equation.

"Most of the time we do the same things in the mornings. We wake up. We eat breakfast. (I like apples. Stuart only eats bugs.) . . . During the day when we are awake, we do different things. Some days we go to the playground, and some days we don’t! Some days we have play dates, and some days we don’t!But every night, we sleep, and every morning, we wake up. "

By creating a routine that kids can see and understand, parents can restore a sense of safety and predictability in their kids' lives, helping them to be more resilient in the face of life's inevitable challenges.Time to Stay Home . . . What’s Next? is the perfect book for families that want to empower kids with knowledge, which is proven to help kids through traumatic situations.

Aimed at families with kids from toddlers to kindergarten, this method of teaching is based on decades of solid science about how kids learn and cope with the major day-to-day changes that result from life's toughest stuff.

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