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Keep kids on track and ease transitions with a daily routine chart that shows all their daily tasks.


Make to-do lists kid-friendly and teach mental-health aligned responsibility.


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Daily Routines for Autism Reusable Sticker Set

Most autistic kids thrive with routine, and this sticker sheet was created to make their structure visible and fun. This sticker set pairs perfectly with the Mighty + Bright Daily Calendar

Please note these are reusable cling stickers and will only adhere to glossy surfaces like dry erase boards or windows.


Reusable sticker sheet includes 59 stickers:

  • Mornings: Wake Up, Brush Teeth, Go Potty, Flush, Wash Hands, Change Underpants, Get Dressed, Brush Hair, Make Bed, Breakfast, Put on Shoes,
  • Daytime: Prep Clothes for Tomorrow, Lunch, Snack (includes 2), Nap
  • Evenings: Dinner, Bath or Shower, Wash Hair, Brush Teeth, Floss Teeth, Go Potty, Flush, Change Underpants, Wash Hands, Put on PJs, Hang Up Towel, Read
  • Miscellaneous Routines: Homework, Medicine (includes 3), Errands, Outside Time, Screentime (includes 2), Watch a Show (includes 2), Game time, Free Play (includes 2), Play with Vehicles, LEGO or Blocks, Do Art, Play Ball, Swing, Stuffed Toys, Dolls, Glitter Jar, Squeeze a Ball, Spin in Circles, Sensory Toys, Quiet Time, Wall Push-Ups, Stretch Your Body, Take a Walk, Ride Bike, Clean up Messes, Screen-Free Time

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