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Extra "Every Day" Reusable Sticker Set

 An extra sticker set to replace or add on to your calendar. Also great if you prefer to use our reusable stickers on your own existing calendar. Please note these are reusable cling stickers and will only adhere to glossy surfaces like dry erase boards or windows.


Reusable sticker sheet includes 46 total cling stickers, including:

  • School (includes 5)
  • After School Program (includes 5)
  • Camp  (includes 5)
  • Playdate  (includes 2)
  • Playground  (includes 2)
  • Birthday  (includes 3)
  • Appointments (doctor, haircut, dentist)
  • 5 Fill-in-the-blanks (which are compatible with sharpie, dry- and wet-erase pens)
  • 7 wake-up/sleep stickers to show younger kids how days work (they begin with waking up and end with sleep).

Please Note:

Our individually printed buttons have been discontinued and are exempted from our return policy as of 8/22/2021. They will no longer be sold as of 9/30/2021. Thank you!

About our steel buttons

Mighty + Bright's 1.25" (30mm) steel buttons are NOT magnets.They are strong, sturdy, and will only work with our unique chart or other magnetic product. 

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