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Bulk orders for Hospitals & Non-Profit Programs

Mighty + Bright works with hospitals to get calendars and books into the hands of families facing cancer — either a parent's diagnosis or a child's.

Book Programs

Our books (and in some cases, calendar sets as well!) are part of several programs that provide free books to cancer patients. If you run a program and would like to include our products, please contact us! We would love to participate and offer generous discounts.

For Child Life Specialists and Other Hospital Staff

Calendar and book sets can be purchased in quantities of 5+ at a generous discount. Orders of 15+ calendars can be personalized with contact information on the flip-side. Please contact us for more information.

Prefer to work with a nonprofit? We are in the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) status, so please contact us!

Looking to Fundraise and Donate Calendars to your Hospital?

Thank you! Families who benefited from our calendars and books or wish they'd had access to Mighty + Bright's resources during their cancer experience can fundraise to donate sets to their hospitals. For more information about how to do this, please contact us.

Know a hospital in need?

We are happy to reach out to your local hospital - but we need their contact information! Please share the email and phone number of your Child Life Specialist, Hospital Administrator, or Hospital Purchaser, and we'll reach out. Contact us here.

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