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Bulk orders for Therapists, Attorneys, and More

Mighty + Bright works with therapists, family law attorneys, and retailers to get calendars and books into the hands of families facing major changes like divorce, major illness in the family, or other major changes where kids have difficulty adjusting.


A gift that improves lives

Calendar and book sets are a wonderful blessing for families facing hard things; offering a set as a gift is generous and always appreciated. Sets can be purchased in quantities of 5+ at a generous discount. Orders of 15+ calendars can be personalized with your contact information on the flip-side.


Discount codes for clients

If you're not ready to purchase in bulk but would like to pass on a discount to your clients, we can:

  • create a 10% off discount code specifically for your clientele.
  • create gift certificates for clients, so they can place their own order on our website.
  • provide single-use discount codes that provide a dollar-amount off (for example, you pay for $100 for 5 codes of $20 off each)

Looking for more information? Please contact us.

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