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Mighty + Bright Books and Cancer Kicking Kits

Mighty + Bright provides children's books for kids and families facing cancer.
Each comes with a visual calendar to help kids make sense out of their day-to-day.

Bulk Discounts for Hospitals

Many hospitals purchase our books through Amazon, but we offer bulk discounts if you order through us.

For Pediatric Cancer Patients

This kit includes the book What Happens when a Kid Has Cancer and a complementary clendar with reusable stickers for hospital and home, all types of treatments and doctor visits, and low-key activities. 

For Siblings

This kit includes the book What Happens when Someone I Love has Cancer and a complementary calendar with reusable stickers for school pick-up/drop-off, treatments the sibling will be having, and activities they can do together.

Full PDF copies of these books are available for your review; just contact us below.

Our kits are already in the following hospitals:

Meet the Author, Sara Olsher

Sara Olsher is the author of four children's books that help kids through hard things by removing uncertainty from their day-to-day lives.

She is also the founder of Mighty + Bright, which helps families through hard things like divorce, cancer, and other major changes using visual magnetic calendars and daily charts.

Based on decades of research about emotional intelligence and how to talk to kids so they actually learn, Mighty + Bright’s calendars have helped hundreds of families through some of the hardest times in their lives.

Sara's "What About Me?" children's book series turns complicated, scary life changes into simple, honest explanations and concrete tools that kids can use every day.

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Bulk discounts are available. These kits are available for pre-order and ship beginning April 1, 2021

Full PDF copies of these books are available for your review; just contact us.

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