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How to Videos and Guides

How to hang your Mighty + Bright charts on a non-magnetic surface

We are super excited about our magnetic system to hang your Mighty + Bright charts on any surface. We use Command® strips to make sure your chart is secure and won't damage your surfaces.

If you have a magnetic fridge, you don't need to use your enclosed wall magnets - just stick your calendar on the fridge. But if you want to hang your calendar on a wall, door, or stainless steel fridge, you'll need to follow the directions that came with your chart (you can also find those instructions here), or watch the video below.


How to talk to your kids using the charts

Not sure how to talk to your kids? Download our free guides (below) for:

  • Tips for talking to your kids in a way they truly understand
  • The science behind this method of talking to kids, which is based on decades of attachment research
  • How to use the visual calendar, including setting it up, explaining it to the kids, and incorporating it into your lives. Note: You don't need the calendar to find this guide useful. 

How to see multiple weeks at a time with a rolling calendar

Whether you're hanging your calendars on a fridge or a wall, you can easily move them at the end of each week, so your display is always up-to-date. This is especially convenient for divorced families with complicated custody schedules, kids who have parents who travel for work, or families who want to see what to look forward to.


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