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Get Kids to Talk + Fill Their Cup

In this masterclass, we’ll help your kids to feel more trusting of safe grown-ups and feel comfortable coming to us when they're upset, need help, or have messed up. 

We do this by strengthening the parent-child relationship through open conversations and one-on-one time, and providing kids with the emotional space to eventually open up. This is the groundwork we must lay to build more trust and understanding.

With this combination of class + physical tools you will:

  • involve kids in ongoing conversations that foster a deeper connection;
  • create a supportive network of trusted individuals (Who is a safe grown-up to talk to and why?); 
  • strengthen the relationship between caregiver and child by establishing ongoing Special Time that the child can rely on;
  • have tangible tools to fall back on when things get hard
  • create a common language for approaching hard things 
  • have the confidence that you, as a parent, can help guide them through hard stuff even thoughyou weren’t taught this stuff as a kid.

We'll help you create a sense of safety and connection with your kids, so they'll feel safe coming to you with bigand little things. If you're having issues with your child, these skills are the first to build. 

All for less than the cost of one therapy session.


Only what you need, none of what you don’t. As parents, we’re overwhelmed and we can’t wade through “tons of ideas.” This is valuable in part because it is pared down to the essentials.


We’ve created physical tools (mailed to your home) to help you learn + teach, and they’ll always be there when you need them later — like a first aid kit for mental health + wellness.


Based on what researchers have found builds a positive foundation for mental health.

What's Included in Our Unique, Digital + Physical Classes

Two short, 5-10 minute video lessons, broken into short chapters

Physical tools, mailed to your home, to help you implement the lessons

Easy-to-understand emails to reinforce the topic

Coloring pages and activity sheets for the kids

On-demand text support

Skills to use during good times + bad

A common language for handling current and future problems

A step-by-step approach to creating a positive foundation for mental health

Confidence in your ability to be the go-to person for your kids

Forever access to the digital parts of the program

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