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"My Day" Upgrade to Teach Kids Responsibility

Magnet Size
Keep kids on track without constantly nagging. Use this as a daily visual "to do" list to complement your calendar; some magnets are for daily use (get your backpack ready for school), and others are for weekly use (vacuuming).


  • Fully magnetic
  • Dry erase
  • Includes the Daily Chart, 14" wide by 4.75" tall
  • Includes 4 magnet sets (39 magnets total): 22 routine magnets, 8 household chore magnets, 9 school responsibility magnets.
  • Hangs anywhere:
    • Magnetic surfaces like refrigerators
    • Non-magnetic surfaces, like a wall, using the included Command® strips and unique click-in-to-place magnets.

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    How it Works

    Teaching kids responsibility is no joke - half the time they don't even remember to flush the toilet, let alone do their homework without being asked. 

    The responsibility set is two-part; the DailyChart acts as a visual to-do list, reminding them of every task that needs to be completed each morning and evening. By showing them the order in which tasks need to be completed, you teach them that responsibilities like chores and homework need to be done before fun things like screen time.

    The calendar gives a snapshot of weekly tasks, and helps remind them of tests, field trips, appointments, and weekly chores that need to be done.

    By telling kids to refer to their responsibility charts, you eliminate the need to nag them every. single. morning to do every. single. task, making life better for everyone in the household.


    Mighty + Bright's charts are sturdy, fully magnetic, dry erase, and designed to be easily taken on and off, over and over. This makes weekly planning easy to do from a dining table, couch, or hospital bed.

    Invest in multiple weeks to create a rotating, always-up-to-date command center. 

    Thick + sturdy, our charts will last for years. They'll also grow with your kids, thanks to our additional magnet sets.

    Using our included wall set, you can hang your chart anywhere in your house, and never worry about damaging your walls.

    We include our special click-into-place wall magnets with every chart, so you have the flexibility to install your calendar or Daily Chart wherever works best.

    Need to remove them? We partnered with Command™ to use their adhesive strips, which hold strongly on paint, wood, tile and more. They also come off cleanly - no holes, marks, sticky residue or stains.

    If you need to move your chart, you can purchase large Command refills at many retailers, including Target and Amazon.

    Not everyone has a magnetic fridge, and some charts are better suited for other locations, like:

    • near a child's bedroom
    • in the bathroom for morning and evening routines
    • on a kitchen wall
    • near backpacks in a mud room
    • on the back of a door

About our steel buttons

Mighty + Bright's steel buttons are strong, sturdy, and come in two sizes. Note: these are NOT magnetic and will only work with our unique chart or other magnetic product.




  • 1.5 inches, or two pennies in diameter
  • 2 - 3 steel buttons fit on each day in the Calendar
  • 9 steel buttons fit each line on the Routine Chart
  • 1 inch, or one quarter coin in diameter
  • 8 steel buttons fit on each day in the Calendar
  • 14 steel buttons fit each line on the Routine Chart


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