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Raising Resilience™ - Everything, All at Once

Get the entire Raising Resilience Program, including:

  1. Everyday Structure: Power Up with weekly and daily calendar kits
  2. Open Communication:  Power Up with Door Opener conversation cards & magnet
  3. Identifying Emotions: Power Up with "Up & Down, Round & Round" picture book & Body Map
  4. Building Connection: Power Up with Special Time Cards
  5. Understanding Emotions: Power Up with "The Bear is Not There" picture book
  6. Kids' Empowerment: Power Up with "Power Thoughts" tokens
  7. Managing Emotions: Power Up with "Don't Believe Everything You Think" picture book & Twisted Thought pad
  8. Problem-Solving and Overwhelm: Power Up with "The Alligator Closest to the Boat" workbook
  9. Family Culture + Values: Power Up with family puzzle activity
  10. Maintaining Your Environment: Power Up with "Room Reset" cling sheet, task chart, and magnet set
  11. Well-Being and Self-Care: Power Up with 90-day Balance Journal

Multiple kid bundles include one of each of the following tools for each child: Weekly and Daily Calendar Kits, Power Thoughts tokens, Twisted Thought pads, Alligator Closest to the Boat workbooks, Room Reset boards, and Balance Journals.

Everything will come at once. More information on the Raising Resilience™ Program can be found here.

Layer 1

Fully Magnetic

Made of heavy-duty, thick steel with a tough outer coating, this magnetic chart will stand up to years of sticky fingers.

Layer 1

Dry Erase

Write directly on the board (and your magnets!) for tons of flexibility. Or use Sharpie, then remove it with hand sanitizer.

Hangs Anywhere

Attaches to magnetic surfaces like a refrigerator, or walls using our push-pin hooks.

Layer 1

Super Tough Glass Magnets

Weekly: fits 4 magnets per day

Daily: fits 7 magnets per row

Measures 11" by 5.5"

Use one week at a time, or create an always up-to-date perpetual calendar with multiple weeks

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