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Raising Resilience Program - Three Kids

The first month of the Raising Resilience™ Program is $206 (a 20% savings on your visual schedules, plus a free Power Up!). Every month thereafter renews at $49 per month, unless more tools are included for multiple kids. Exact cost breakdown can be found on the "Cost Per Month" tab below.  More information on the Raising Resilience™ Program can be found here.
  • Each month you'll receive another tool for your toolbox:

    ✔ A super well-made, physical tool created just for this program (such as a card deck or book) that helps you teach the skill and use when future issues arise.

    A 24-page, physical Power Up™ booklet that includes:

    ✔ A quick-start guide to using the physical tool and implementing it in your household,

    ✔ Easy-to-read, one-page or less "deep dives" on the topic so you really understand it,

    ✔ Research and resources to learn about why each skill is important and how you'll know that you've succeeded in teaching it,

    ✔ Tear-out Coloring Sheets + Activity pages for kids to do without your assistance, reinforcing what they've learned and providing a reminder of the benefits of using the skill,

    ✔ Optional video Q&As (they're also written out in the Power Up booklet) and audio content to listen to at your convenience (and only if you want to!),

    ✔ Answers to frequently asked questions about each skill (and the ability to submit your own, to be answered by our experts),

    ✔ Recommended additional resources if you want to take a deeper dive on the topic

Raising Resilience Program - Three Kids