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Set: Routine Chart with Morning & Evening Magnets

The Routine Chart set includes the fully magnetic Routine Chart, and the morning and evening routine sets. Available with a magnetic backing (normally $44) or non-magnetic (normally $31.50).

Kids learn responsibility and gain self-esteem when they know they're trusted to perform age-appropriate tasks on their own. Set them up for success with visual reminders of common tasks.

How it Works

As each "to do" is completed, your child moves a magnet off the chart. Have them help you construct the routine, helping increase their sense of responsibility and control. As an added bonus, you'll find a dramatic decrease in stalling tactics and tantrums. Kids love the task of moving the magnets.


The magnetic routine chart is fully magnetic, dry erase, and measures 10" wide by 8" tall. It can easily be mounted anywhere using the lifted lip on the back.

The non-magnetic routine chart is a giant moveable sticker, made to adhere to any magnetic surface (like a fridge). It can be moved if you don't apply it correctly the first time. It's also dry erase, and measures 10" wide by 8" tall.

The morning set includes: sun (wake up), potty, meal time, brush teeth, put on clothes, and put on shoes.

The evening set includes: potty, brush teeth, bath time, pajamas, read book, and moon (go to sleep).

Each row fits up to nine magnets.

Designed using subtle gray and white and modern diagonal stripes, the routine chart will not interfere with your decor - making it ideal for modern families who aren't in love with loud primary colors.

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