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Set: Task Chart with Potty, Clean Up, Stay in Bed, Wash Hands, and Reward Set


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The Task Chart set includes the fully magnetic Task Chart, with the Rewards set and 5 each of: Potty, Clean Up Toys, Stay in Bed, Wash Hands

Kids gain confidence when they are able to successfully master new skills. With the Stinkerpants' Task Chart (also known as a "reward" chart), you can motivate and reward your child for working on and mastering up to five new skills at a time.

How it Works

Each time your child completes a task, they move the corresponding magnet to the chart. When they have moved five magnets onto the chart, they get a reward. 

For rewards, I suggest not using things but rather time with you - for example, a trip to the carousel together, a special movie, or an ice cream sundae making party. Kids not only love the reward, they love the task of moving the magnets.


The Task Chart is fully magnetic, dry erase, and measures 10" wide by 8" tall. Each row fits up to five task magnets and one reward magnet. 

The Rewards set includes: candy or treat, iPad or tablet, rainbow (special time), TV, and puzzle or toy.

Designed using subtle gray and white and modern diagonal stripes, the task chart will not interfere with your decor - making it ideal for modern families who aren't in love with loud primary colors.