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Set: Weekly Custody Calendar

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This Set Includes:

  • A calendar that measures 10" wide by 8" tall
    (choose from magnetic or non-magnetic. For more details, see below).
  • 5 "mom" magnets, 5 "dad" magnets, and 2 "transition" days (12 magnets total).


The magnetic calendar is fully magnetic, dry erase, and measures 10" wide by 8" tall. It can easily be mounted anywhere using the lifted lip on the back.

The non-magnetic calendar is a giant moveable sticker, made to adhere to any magnetic surface (like a fridge). It can be moved if you don't apply it correctly the first time. It's also dry erase, and measures 10" wide by 8" tall.

Each day fits up to six magnets.

How it Works

Kids develop confidence and high self esteem when they have a predictable, safe home base. Divorce is scary and confusing, and a personalized visual custody calendar helps kids feel secure by showing them what to expect day-to-day.

Visually display your child's custody schedule (and entire life!) using magnets representative of each parent, common activities, appointments, and more. Use the calendar to show your child where they'll be and when. At the end of each day, remove today's magnet(s) and talk about what you'll be doing in the future.

This set includes 5 "mom" magnets, 5 "dad" magnets, and 2 "transition" days, for when you exchange the kid(s). This number of magnets allows you to customize the calendar for your specific custody schedule.

Are you looking for a custody calendar for gay couples? Please send us a note and let us know you'd like to supplement the parent icons with houses, apartments, and transition days for gay couples. We also offer custom men and custom women, but they are not available as part of a set.

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