Raising Resilience Program - Special Time First

This version of our Raising Resilience program is for people who have already received our Special Time cards or who want them during the first month.

Instead of receiving Special Time during Month 4, you'll receive them Month 1.

If you already bought Special Time cards, you can use the code SPECIALTIME and we will not include a box of Special Time cards — only the Power Up — for a discount of $25 during your first month.

Learn about the Raising Resilience program here.

The order of your subscription with this option is:

Month 1: Creating Connection
Month 2: Structure
Month 3: Identifying Emotions
Month 4: Open Communication
Month 5: Understanding Emotions
Month 6: Kids' Empowerment
Month 7: Managing Emotions
Month 8: Problem-Solving and Overwhelm
Month 9: Family Culture and Values
Month 10: Maintaining Your Environment
Month 11: Well-Being and Self-Care

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