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The Alligator Closest to the Boat Workbook for Problem-Solving

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As parents (or educators), it can get frustrating when our kids are melting down over problems we consider to be "not that big of a deal." many of us were ever taught how to solve problems?

The truth is, our kids are coming to us because they have no idea how to solve the problem themselves. And though we might think their problems are a "little deal," developmentally they are anything but.

This workbook, the Alligator Closest to the Boat, was developed to teach kids how to break down bigger and more overwhelming problems into less stressful chunks — a skill that’s vital to long-term mental health. Add our Power Up™ booklet so you can maximize the value of the workbook to learn, teach, and create a common language with your kids. This Power Up also includes a tear-out poster to help kids solve smaller, in-the-moment problems.

Mighty + Bright’s intentional, high-quality products are research-backed, created by experts, and designed to last years. Our goal is to help you easily incorporate positive mental health into your every day.

↠ This soft-back, 8.5" x 11" workbook is 121 total pages and is appropriate for kids who can read and write.

↠ Each overwhelming problem utilizes five pages, which help them Brain Dump, separate out the "easy" little things they can do, figure out which problem is the most overwhelming, and brainstorm for solutions.

↠ Each workbook has enough pages to handle 20 overwhelming situations.

↠ You'll also receive an email immediately upon purchase to download your Power Up™, so you can get the most out of your tool as soon as it arrives.

As parents, we know that you’re short on time and energy — not short on the desire to intentionally guide your kids.

We’ve spent over a year distilling the most important research and thick parenting books into a totally approachable, not-boring Power Up™ PDF that you’ll actually read. Remember: you don’t need to be a superhero to be an incredible parent. You just need the right tools, and you need them to be easy to execute. We got you.

Learn everything you need (and nothing you don’t) about how to teach a vital mental health skill. Each Power Up™ includes:

✔ A quick-start guide to using the physical tool and implementing it in your household,

✔ Easy-to-read, one-page or less "deep dives" on the topic so you really understand it,

✔ Research and resources to learn about why each skill is important and how you'll know that you've succeeded in teaching it,

✔ Printable Coloring Sheets + Activity pages for kids to do without your assistance, reinforcing what they've learned and providing a reminder of the benefits of using the skill,

✔ Optional video Q&As (they're also written out in the Power Up booklet) and audio content to listen to at your convenience (and only if you want to!),

✔ Answers to frequently asked questions about each skill (and the ability to submit your own, to be answered by our experts),

✔ Recommended additional resources if you want to take a deeper dive on the topic

The Alligator Closest to the Boat Workbook for Problem-Solving