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Mighty & Bright

How & Why It Works

Like you, we care deeply about the welfare of our kids. Being a good parent is incredibly important to us, and in this changing world, we have to prepare our kids for all sorts of unknowns. Mighty and Bright was started by a caring mama who found a great way to teach her young daughter the important skills that lead to high self-worth. Read on to learn about the research that backs up these tools, and how the tools themselves work.

Childhood is hard 

As much as we joke that kids have it easy (hello, naps anyone? I’d love one of those!), childhood is really, really hard. Everything is new, and without life experience, every big emotion kids experience is overwhelming and feels like the end of the world. Thus, tantrums.

The sooner we can teach our kids to recognize how they’re feeling, take responsibility for themselves (in an age appropriate way, of course!), and help them gain confidence in their own abilities, the more protected they’ll be from life’s bigger challenges – including complex social interactions and bullying.

The research

We are lucky to live in a time where we're beginning to understand the value of self-confidence, resilience, grit, and emotional intelligence. We see the amazing gifts of compassion and whole-heartedness.

A lot of the work in these areas is done with adults or older kids, because they're the groups dealing with the negative effects of low self-esteem. But by focusing on older age groups, we're missing an opportunity. Neuroscientists know that our earliest years are a time of unparalleled growth and learning. During those early years, parents and other caregivers have the chance to develop a child's sense of self worth, laying a foundation that will serve them for a lifetime. 

Young kids learn visually

Mighty and Bright's visual charts are a method of teaching young kids these important skills at a young age — using language they can understand. Kids start learning about emotions from day one, but they learn differently than adults do. In order to truly understand and learn a concept, toddlers need to see the concept in action, and they need to see it repeatedly.

Using Mighty and Bright's visual aids, you can teach complex, confidence-building skills like routines, personal responsibility, and self control. 

How to use the charts

Using the charts is easy! 

Teach responsibility with the routine chart
As each "to do" is completed, your child moves a magnet off the chart. Have them help you construct the routine, helping increase their sense of responsibility and control. As an added bonus, you'll find a dramatic decrease in stalling tactics and tantrums. Kids love the task of moving the magnets.

Provide a sense of security with the calendar
Visually display your child's entire life using magnets representative of common activities, appointments, and more. Use the calendar to show your child where they'll be and when (especially good for busy families, or those dealing with split custody), or count down to vacations, appointments, and weekends. At the end of each day, remove today's magnet(s) and talk about what you'll be doing in the future.

Build confidence with the task chart
Each time your child completes a task, they move the corresponding magnet to the chart. When they have moved five magnets onto the chart, they get a reward.