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Mighty & Bright

When you're divorcing, life is really hard. I know because I've been there.

Hi! My name is Sara, and I am the founder of Mighty + Bright. I'm a mom, writer, and illustrator, and I love espresso, laughter, and viewing the glass as half full. I live just north of San Francisco with my sweet & sparkly daughter. 

I created Mighty + Bright because I went through a divorce myself, and I came out the other side. I want to help other single parents do the same.

Portrait by Lisa Chow Photography

About Mighty + Bright (formerly Stinkerpants)

Mighty + Bright's mission is to create products that empower parents and kids through divorce.

These tools developed out of my own divorce. I became a single parent when my daughter was 18 months old, and the transition was extremely difficult for both of us. My first product was the custody calendar, which I created to help my daughter understand when she'd be seeing her dad. What followed was about a year of deep research into how kids learn, and the best way to teach them so they truly understand.

We can't protect our kids from every difficult situation, unfortunately. But one of the silver-linings from my divorce is the lesson that we can use this as an opportunity to teach our kids how to handle the hard stuff head-on, with grace. After all, if you can do that, you'll come out ahead every time. What better lesson is there?

My Process

Each tool and magnet is a labor of love, from beginning to end.

Once I decide to create a new magnet, my daughter and I sit down for some good “coloring” time – her with paints or crayons, me with my pencil and paper. I sketch out various ideas for how to visually represent the idea in a way that a child can understand. For example, for “parents who travel,” I considered airplanes with a parent’s head next to them (weird), different colored airplanes (they didn’t look like airplanes anymore), a vintage suitcase (kids don't associate those with anything) and a few other ideas. I settled on a rolling suitcase because most kids recognize them and associate them with travel.

After I settle on a design, I illustrate the idea using pencil, then finalize it in pen. The drawing is scanned into my computer, then hand colored using my Wacom tablet and Photoshop.

When it’s done, it goes through a strict kid approval process. Basically, I give my daughter the magnet and ask her what it is. If she has no idea, it fails. Below is an example of a failure. Can you tell what that is? It's supposed to be "wash your hands." My daughter's response? "BLUEBERRIES! I'm hungry."

Thank You

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for supporting me, my daughter, and our little business. I love to hear from you, so please connect with me. I'm on Facebook and Instagram. I hope that you find encouragement here. Divorce is an ending, but it's also an incredible beginning. Welcome to the rest of your life - the future is mighty bright!