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Free Shipping on Subscriptions | Interest-Free Financing Available for Orders $50+

Girl at desk uses Might + Bright stickers to customize a daily routine chart and weekly calendar for kids
"Give your children a sense of a normalcy during this time of total change."
"Whether it's a big change or something small, this will help normalize the inevitability of change, giving kids the confidence that they can handle it."
"This calendar for kids of divorce Is what coparenting is truly all about."
"This simple visual aid helps put the child’s life in context, letting them know what’s coming next and reducing their anxiety."

Our goal is to create a foundation for positive mental health.

Science has already figured out how to protect kids from mental health crises. We've developed the first program to bring that research home >

Our plan for positive kids' mental health: open + honest communication, daily structure, daily connection, understanding + managing emotions, empowerment, a sense of significance in the family, problem-solving skills, well-being + healthy habits.

Families Love Mighty + Bright

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 Use the book to explain how life’s changes + tough stuff will affect your kid's day-to-day.

 Assemble the calendar together, building family connection and showing kids what to expect as they navigate their changing life.

 Empower your kids by providing a sense of certainty in an uncertain world.

How to help kids cope with divorce, cancer, or major changes.
mighty and bright + resilience campaign

Mighty + Bright is proud to donate 10% of our profits and match every single dollar donated (with no limit) to Resilience Campaign
to help kids affected by cancer emotionally cope with their diagnosis and treatment. Learn More >

"To raise resilient kids, you must empower their parents."

As parents, most of us were not raised with the coping skills we needed. Now, we want better for our kids — but we're not sure where to begin.

Mighty + Bright aims to solve that problem, with straightforward, easy-to-implement skills parents feel capable of teaching at home.

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