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Keep kids on track and ease transitions with a daily routine chart that shows all their daily tasks.


Make to-do lists kid-friendly and teach mental-health aligned responsibility.


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Girl at desk uses Might + Bright stickers to customize a daily routine chart and weekly calendar for kids
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Prioritize Emotional + Mental Wellbeing

Make Your Parenting Life Easier

Reduce Meltdowns + Underlying Anxiety

Communicate Better as a Family

There's no shortage of parenting information out there.
But most of us feel like we can barely make it through the day
... let alone thoughtfully develop the skills our kids need.

Between managing meltdowns over untied shoes,
finding soggy goldfish crackers between the couch cushions,
and navigating the never-ending guilt,
we're overwhelmed and exhausted,
...and we feel like we're drowning as parents.

At Mighty + Bright, we believe it shouldn’t take more effort to guide your kids the way you want to guide them.

It just takes a different perspective.

We believe you don't have to be a superhero to be an incredible parent.

That's why we've shifted the way we think about skill-building, softened the expectations on parents, and taken the best practices and research-backed frameworks from industry leading psychologists, and distilled them down for parents to use in their everyday lives.

Here's how it works:

First Things First: Get Your Visual Schedules

The foundation for positive mental health is knowing what to expect (and what's expected of us). But kids need that explained visually.

Weekly Schedules

Kids need visuals to understand things - they can't keep information in their heads the way adults can.

A weekly calendar helps them make sense of the world around them, relieving underlying anxiety, reducing the number of questions they ask, and giving them confidence to navigate life with less stress.

Choose from a variety of sets that fit your child's needs — from everyday activities to more complicated custody schedules or health and developmental issues.

Daily Routines

The research is solid — routines are one of the most powerful ways to reduce stress, especially when life is constantly changing.

You don't have to make a move to a new city to experience change. For kids, life is constantly changing, which is why they melt down when asked to stop an activity and move to a new one.

Creating a daily visual routine gives kids a sense of power in a world where they feel like they're constantly being bossed around — reducing power struggles, improving behavior, and making them feel proud.

Got your visual schedules?
Now, let's go deeper.

Mighty + Bright has an entire line of products (several of which have gone viral!) designed to teach vital mental health skills, right at home.

As parents, we know the last thing you need is another item on your to-do list. 
It’s time for a different approach

You've got them — and we've got you.

At Mighty + Bright, we know what it's like to live in survival mode, and our goal is to make your parenting life easier,helping you to teach the skills you valuewithout sacrificing your sanity.

I’ve been through some of the hardest things a parent can go through.

Founded in 2013 by single mom and young cancer survivor Sara Olsher, Mighty + Bright is committed to creating tools that help parents combat the effects of traumatic experiences like divorce, cancer, pandemics, and major change.

Based on solid research about the protective factors for mental health, we partner with experts to create products that are super fun for families, create lasting bonds between kids and their caregivers, and truly help our unique communities.

Families Love Mighty + Bright!

Stop second-guessing your parenting
and feeling like you’re flying in the dark.

Instead gain the confidence that you can guide your kid through anything, and they’ll be ready for the future.

mighty and bright + resilience campaign

Mighty + Bright is proud to donate 10% of our profits and match every single dollar donated (with no limit) to Resilience Campaign™ to help kids affected by cancer emotionally cope with their diagnosis and treatment. Learn More >

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