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Simplify Life.

Visual structure that makes everything easier — in less than fifteen minutes.

“I cannot believe what a difference this has made in our family.”

We know what you're thinking: how could a schedule make that big of a difference?
But that's the feedback we hear from our customers every single day.
Here's why:

Visual schedules set everyone up for success by speaking a language we all understand.

Putting structure in place has a domino effect on the rest of your life, creating a sense of ease and spaciousness.

Reducing overwhelm, including mental and physical clutter, relieves unnecessary stress.

Our Visual Schedules are Backed by Science and Proven by Real People.

The foundation for a peaceful home and an empowered, thriving family.
(Plus, everybody loves stickers!)

An uncomplicated life is the ultimate self-care.

Meet Our Founder, Sara Olsher

I first learned the power of visual structure in 2013, when I introduced a homemade co-parenting calendar to my then-two-year-old daughter.

Knowing what to expect each day totally transformed her anxiety — almost overnight. After such a night-and-day change (from a method no one appeared to be talking about), I made it my mission to make the best visual schedules out there.

When I was diagnosed with cancer four years later, our lives became totally chaotic, and helping my daughter understand her life became more important than ever.

But beyond that, I started to realize that the life I'd built for us was unsustainable. I had too many balls in the air and was accountable to too many people. I was exhausted.

I started to uncomplicate my life. I examined the "have to do's" on my list, figured out how to make them easier to handle, and cut out all the "shoulds" I didn't actually want to do.

And that, my friends, transformed my anxiety.

At Mighty + Bright, we believe that an uncomplicated life is the ultimate self-care. We're here to help you simplify yours.

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"This calendar for kids of divorce is what coparenting is truly all about."

[This is] totally applicable for adults who feel buried by a cluttered, messy house.

"Give your children a sense of a normalcy during this time of total change."

"This simple visual aid helps put the child’s life in context, letting them know what’s coming next and reducing their anxiety."

"Whether it's a big change or something small, this will help normalize the inevitability of change, giving kids the confidence that they can handle it."

Strategically design a life you don’t have to escape from.

At Mighty + Bright, we know a little structure makes everything easier.