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Need help finding your perfect system? Take our quiz.

Chores + Division of Labor Stickers


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This listing is for the Major Chores and Division of Labor sticker sheets (a set of three), with no magnets or boards. We'll also send you a series of emails to make sure you're set up for success.

For a full list of the stickers included, click "Product Details."

This set of three sticker sheets includes 83 total stickers, split up into color-coded categories:

Groceries, Meals, and Cleanups

  • Plan Meals
  • Clean Out and Wipe Down Fridge
  • Make Grocery List
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Put Away Groceries
  • Meal Prep
  • Prepare Meal
  • Set the Table
  • Clear and Wipe the Table
  • Sweep or Vacuum Eating Area
  • Hand Wash Dishes
  • Load Dishes
  • Put Away Dishes

Managing Messes and Clutter:

  • Open and Sort Mail
  • Clear Counter Clutter
  • Recycle Cardboard
  • Put Away "No Home" Items
  • Take Out Trash
  • Take Out Recycling
  • Fridge Expired Food
  • Pantry Expired Food
  • Quick Tidy
  • Reset Entry
  • Reset Living Spaces
  • Reset Office
  • Reset Bathroom
  • Reset Kitchen
  • Reset Bedroom
  • Reset Closet

One-Off Tasks:

  • Make the Bed
  • Get the Mail
  • Pay Bills
  • Balance Budget
  • Water Plants
  • Weed Garden
  • Mow the Lawn
  • Water Garden
  • Get Gas
  • Plug in Car
  • Refill Meds
  • Replace Toothbrush
  • Sweep Porch
  • Cans to the Curb
  • Pack for Trip
  • Unpack from Trip

Keeping Things Legitimately Clean

  • Dirty Clothes Away
  • Sort Laundry
  • Laundry
  • Fold Clothes
  • Folded Clothes Away
  • Change Out Bedding
  • Change Out Towels
  • Dusting
  • Mop Hard Floors
  • Vacuum
  • Wipe Mirrors and Windows
  • Wipe Down Cabinets
  • Clean Out and Wash Car
  • Vacuum Under Cushions
  • Deep Clean Bathrooms
  • Deep Clean Kitchen

Mental Load

  • Manage This List
  • Manage Calendar
  • Manage Paperwork
  • Re-Stock
  • Get Birthday Party Gifts
  • Manage Car Service
  • Home Maintenance
  • Manage Phone Calls
  • Manage Paid Help
  • Manage Returns and Donations
  • Manage Gifts for Extended Family
  • Plan Events
  • Plan Trip
  • Manage Medical
  • Make Friend Dates
  • Plan Date Night

Plus 6 labels for your Mighty + Bright Task Boards:

  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Quarterly
  • Blank (x2)

Chores + Division of Labor Stickers


Stick 'em Again and Again

Our proprietary design incorporates unique reusable cling stickers, which are designed to use with our magnets. They can be used over and over again to customize your visual system.

We've thought through everything, and know that you don't want a lot of little pieces that can get lost. Store them on the back of your chart when not in use.

Fun and Engaging

Kids and adults alike love stickers, and our bright designs get people of all ages excited about using their own visual structure.

Customers love Mighty + Bright's visual schedules for kids and adults.

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Great purchase!

The stickers have been great visualize tasks to get done.