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Grown-Up Chore Charts for Managing Your House and Division of Labor

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Running a household is a lot, and it's hard to know where to start. What you need is a well thought-out system to make things run more smoothly.

This set, which comes with four sticker sheets, will help you (or you and your partner) get a handle on everything it takes to run a household — from daily and one-off tasks to managing the mental load of parenthood.

This system can easily be configured to divide both physical and mental labor equally between partners so no one person is carrying all the weight. We include a free digital download to help you implement this in your household without fighting.

This Set includes:

  • Two Mighty + Bright Task charts
  • 30 super-tough glass magnets
  • Set of four "Division of Labor and Chores" reusable sticker sheets

About our task charts:

  • Fully magnetic
  • Dry erase
  • 5.5" wide by 11" tall
  • Each column fits up to seven magnets.
  • Hangs anywhere: Magnetic surfaces like refrigerators, or walls using our brad nails.

Our stickers are made of static cling and designed to be used over and over.

Our magnets are compatible with our stickers, but you can also write directly on them using dry erase or Sharpie.

We know we have a problem, but when it's big and complicated, we can end up talking circles around it rather than actually solving it.

We've developed a visual system meant to take a complicated, abstract problem and make it concrete, actionable, and easy to implement.

This will create more equitable households by simplifying the complex task of dividing up labor.

We know that you’re short on time and energy — not short on the desire to intentionally improve your lives. We also know that this is a complex problem, and needs to be handled delicately.

Learn everything you need (and nothing you don’t) about how implement this tool and use it to divide labor in your household. This Power Up™ includes:

✔ A quick-start guide to using the physical tool and implementing it in your household,

✔ "Rules of Engagement," so everyone is on the same page before you get started,

✔ Detailed (but easy to read) step-by-step instructions for dividing labor without fighting,

✔ Easy-to-read, one-page or less "deep dives" on the topic so you really understand it,

✔ Research and resources to learn about why this is important and how you'll know that you've succeeded in teaching it,

✔ Answers to frequently asked questions,

✔ Recommended additional resources if you want to take a deeper dive on the topic

Grown-Up Chore Charts for Managing Your House and Division of Labor