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Need help finding your perfect system? Take our quiz.

Need help finding your perfect system? Take our quiz.

Grown-Up Chore Charts for Managing Your House and Division of Labor


Running a household is a lot, and it's hard to know where to start. We've done all the work for you and organized a high-quality, easy-to-implement system that includes:

  • daily tasks
  • one-off or weekly tasks
  • the mental load of running a household

This system can be easily configured to divide both physical and mental labor equally between partners, so you can stop talking circles around the problem and actually solve it.

This Set includes:

  • One (or two) Mighty + Bright Task charts
  • 15 (or 30) moveable pieces (either super-tough glass magnets or restickable foam pieces)
  • Set of three "Division of Labor and Chores" reusable sticker sheets. See photos for details.
  • A series of emails to make sure you're set up for success

About our task charts:

  • 5.5" wide by 11" tall
  • Dry erase
  • Each column fits up to seven stickers (on magnets or basic pieces).
  • Our Premium Magnetic Chart is durable, strong, and designed to hangs anywhere: Magnetic surfaces like refrigerators, or walls using our brad nails. It is compatible with our premium glass magnets.
  • Our Basic Non-Magnetic Chart is made of a flexible, rubbery material, which can stick to smooth surfaces over and over again. Not recommended brick or textured walls. It comes with foam-like pieces (not sold separately) for your reusable stickers.

Our stickers are made of static cling and designed to be used over and over.

Grown-Up Chore Charts for Managing Your House and Division of Labor


Quality First Design

You won’t find this at the dollar store. See the difference between magnetic and non-magnetic.

Hangs Anywhere

We have a chart for every place in your house, from the refrigerator door to inside the shower.

Your Life, at a Glance

Weekly: fits 4 tasks per day
Daily: fits 7 tasks per row
Task: fits 7 tasks per column

Measures 11" by 5.5"

Use one chart at a time, or get control over your whole life with charts in multiple places.

You may be wondering...

Why wouldn't I DIY this?

You could. 

But often, we spend so much time trying to solve the problem that by the time our glorious velcro routine chart is actually done, we've lost the steam required to implement it. 

Our founder has done all the work for you — ten years of work, in fact — coming up with the perfect system for your family.

The result is a system that might look simple, but has every single thing accounted for — including a fall-back for routine items or activities that you forgot. 

After all, the last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of time DIYing something, paying to have it laminated, and then discovering you forgot something. 

Plus, you can feel good that you're supporting a single mom's hard work.

What makes this different from other visual schedules?

“We've tried to create visual systems before, but we really struggled to pull systems together that we could see all the way through and stick with.” — Jessye

You may have downloaded a visual schedule on Etsy or tried to DIY your own. Maybe you got one on Amazon, or you have a big command center, but the kids aren't referencing it.

Mighty + Bright's visual schedules are different (that's why we get feedback like Jessye's!). Every aspect of our well-thought-out visual system is thoughtfully designed. Here are a few of the problems our schedules solve:

  • What items do I add to the system? It requires a lot of mental load to figure out everything that goes into a visual system, and by the time you *do* all that, you've fun out of steam. We've done all the work for you.
  • We don't stay motivated to use it. We need something engaging and fun in order to stay motivated (that's why we use fun stickers, which everyone LOVES, magnets that make that satisfying "click," and fun add-ons like our Stay on Task bracelet.
Why are these so expensive?

We fully recognize that these charts aren't cheap. But there are several great reasons for that.

High quality with a thoughtful design

We've spent the last ten years perfecting these schedules. They're extremely tough. Made of thick, powder-coated metal and finished with a thick dry erase varnish, they're built to stand up to years of sticky fingers and constant dry-erasing.

They're also thoughtfully designed. Every aspect of these charts — from the neutral color of the chart itself to our exclusive method of using reusable stickers — is intentional. They're strategically designed to be engaging, so they actually get used long-term. They may look simple, but that's because we've taken all the guesswork out of it for you, so you're ready to go in fifteen minutes. 

Meant to last years

Unlike a $10 chore chart from Target or a DIY from Pinterest, these are investments that are meant to last.

We're a small business

And speaking of Target, another major factor in our prices is that we are a small business

We don't have the buying power of Target, which means our products are more expensive for us to purchase. We also don't have the same flexibility as Amazon — we are real people

Sara runs the business. Brianna runs the warehouse. Katie helps with social media and managing projects. And Cherry helps source products. When you buy from Mighty + Bright, you're helping real women put food on the table every night. In fact, 50% of our operation are single moms. And we are very, very grateful.

What if I want to show a whole month at a time?

The decision to carry only weekly calendars was not made lightly — it was made based on research about what kids can handle.

The truth is, depending on the age kids can handle only about a week or two at a time. Especially when they're going through something difficult, it can actually increase anxiety to see too far down the line.

Also, depending on their age, they might not be able to think that far down the line. When a kid asks for a snack and you tell them they can have one in five minutes, they react like, "that is literally my whole life, I will starve to death." So if five minutes feels like that, imagine what a three weeks might feel like!

The goal is to display the child's life for them to understand — not to create a command center for the whole family. In this case, making it as simple as possible is a benefit.

That said, if you have a reason to show more than one week at a time (such as co-parenting arrangement where the child sees a parent every other weekend), you might want to create an always up-to-date perpetual calendar. Here's a post from Instagram showing you how to do that.

How It Works

Our brains process images 60,000x faster than text, which is part of what makes visual structure so powerful.

Beyond that, when placed in the center of your family's life (like on the refrigerator), we don't have the whole out-of-sight-out-of-mind problem we have with digital tools.

Tips for Use

Set up a weekly time — most people do Sundays before or after dinner — to go through the follow week's activities. You can set a recurring reminder on your phone so you don't forget.

Every chart has two options for hanging:

  1. On a magnetic surface using the already-installed magnetic backing
  2. On a wall, using brad nails (make sure that the top of the brad is small enough to fit through the holes on the chart, so you can still take the chart off the wall).

While the fridge is the center of many homes, some charts are better suited for other locations, like:

  • near a bedroom
  • in the bathroom for morning and evening routines
  • on a kitchen wall
  • near backpacks in a mud room
  • on the back of a door

Customers love Mighty + Bright's visual schedules for kids and adults.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Rebekah Rishell

Closing Duties Kids' Expansion Stickers

Jess V

For pricy cling-on stickers, the designs and text are fuzzy looking. It truly reminds me of the way old tattoos & how the ink bleeds into surrounding skin. Not to mention, that some of them are not positioned properly so the design is nearly cut off which makes it trickier to read in a second way! I bought 3 different versions and these are consistently poor. I expected more, tbh. Glad I didn’t buy the full kit for $175 cause oooof. Good idea, poorly executed by either designer and or manufacturer.

Hi Jess! This is NOT typical - I will reach out to you individually for photos and a replacement. We stand by our products and have not seen this issue — especially the blurry printing. I just went through all of our stickers and don't see any that are blurry, so you're definitely due a replacement. I'm sorry we missed this!

Traci Cohen
Love but extended packs need more diversity

Love. Kid packs which would have been a second purchase after my closing duties and to do list for me. The kids list includes lots of repeats to other lists you may have at home.

Would like to see more specific. Clean up toys, put laundry in hamper, make bed.

Thanks so much Traci! The expansion pack for Closing Duties is for kid-related tasks that adults do. I think you might like our chores for kids sticker sheet, which is aimed at kids and has all of the stickers you mentioned! Hope that helps. :)

Great quality

They’re great quality trackers and have so many different options for care tasks and closing duties. The vinyl clings to the magnets and tracker well. You can exchange tasks on them easily too. Overall it’s a great system!

Sara Johnson-cardona

I love it! And very helpful in reducing overwhelm!

Ruby Logan
Closing duties

It works extremely well for a busy working mom of 3. It keeps me on task so I can quickly clean up before bed.

Sarah Baye
KC Davis Collaboration is Life-Changing!

I purchased both the Room Reset and Closing Duties and it is amazing how helpful both have been!
I use the Closing Duties everyday and the Room Reset weekly. It takes the pressure off of thinking about what to do and what to do first. I simply go to the fridge where both are and go through step-by-step!
I purchased the less expensive version and it works great! However, knowing how useful this system is to me, I would happily spend the money on the magnetic version next time.

Shannon Wood
Wish I had this years ago!!!

Sara & KC have created something truly special here. These visual schedules are EXACTLY what my brain needed to make home care & self care manageable! Excellent quality, beautiful design, durable, & fun. I cannot thank you both enough!!!


This has completely changed our night time routine and I’m so grateful for it!

Great for evening cleanup!

The closing duties chart has really helped us to define what tasks we need to do, how often, and to keep track of whether they've been done. It's very well made, nice to look at, and easy to use. It's helped our evening and morning routines to be calmer and less stressful.