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Need help finding your perfect system? Take our quiz.

Parenting Chores - Stickers Only


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Add this sticker sheet to your Adult Chore Charts to manage kid-related chores.

This sheet includes 32 stickers split into two sections, Daily and Less Frequent (many of which include the mental load associated with kids). They are coded with a purple background so you can easily distribute kid-related tasks if using the chore charts for Division of Labor.

For a list of the stickers included, click "Product Details" above.

One sticker sheet measuring 5.5" x 11" with 32 stickers.

This sticker sheet includes the following stickers:


  • Kids' bedtime routine
  • Kids' morning routine
  • Drop off kids
  • Pick up kids
  • Help with homework
  • Pack lunches
  • Pack snacks
  • Special Time (for individual time with a kid)
  • Chauffeur Kids
  • Manage backpacks
  • Kids Meds (x2)
  • Vitamins
  • Prep for tomorrow
  • Nighttime Shift
  • Clean Eating Area

Less Frequent:

  • Arrange play dates
  • Plan kids' appointments
  • Plan kids' school
  • Manage kids' chores
  • Plan school breaks
  • Manage kids' clothes
  • Take kid to appointment
  • School volunteer
  • Plan kids' activities
  • Manage camps + childcare
  • Schedule sitter
  • Restock diapers
  • School notes
  • Wash lunchbox
  • Sanitize

Parenting Chores - Stickers Only


Stick 'em Again and Again

Our proprietary design incorporates unique reusable cling stickers, which are designed to use with our magnets. They can be used over and over again to customize your visual system.

We've thought through everything, and know that you don't want a lot of little pieces that can get lost. Store them on the back of your chart when not in use.

Fun and Engaging

Kids and adults alike love stickers, and our bright designs get people of all ages excited about using their own visual structure.

Customers love Mighty + Bright's visual schedules for kids and adults.

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