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Need help finding your perfect system? Take our quiz.

Need help finding your perfect system? Take our quiz.

Parent's Chronic or Terminal Illness Reusable Stickers


Pairs well with:

For use with our weekly calendar for kids.

Knowing what to expect is the difference between a constant state of anxiety, or an empowering sense of control.

Parents with a chronic illness, major illness (like cancer), or a terminal illness can help kids understand health protocols and treatments, plan quality time together, and manage expectations.

Our unique Plan A/Plan B activity stickers take the mental labor out of connecting with your kids, so you don't have to stress about coming up with ideas or worry about what happens if you're not feeling up to the activity you planned.

We also include three blank "special" stickers to create family rituals — so you can build memories together, like special weekend breakfasts, movie nights, or special outings. Don't forget to take pictures of your quality time!


This set includes 33 blank stickers:

  • Doctor (x2)
  • Infusion (could be used for chemo or other infusions)
  • Hospital (x7)
  • Scan Day
  • Tired Day
  • Three blank rituals (yellow, purple, and blue)
  • Nine activity ideas with a Plan A and a Plan B:
    • Play games at the park/Play games at home
    • Movie at a theater/Movie at home
    • Active game/Quiet game
    • Walk there/Drive there
    • Go as a family/Go with friends
    • Day Trip/Get a treat at a special place
    • Ride bikes/Decorates bikes
    • Play ball outside/laundry "basket ball"
    • Build a fort/Mani-pedi

    Parent's Chronic or Terminal Illness Reusable Stickers


    Stick 'em Again and Again

    Our proprietary design incorporates unique reusable cling stickers, which are designed to use with our magnets. They can be used over and over again to customize your visual system.

    We've thought through everything, and know that you don't want a lot of little pieces that can get lost. Store them on the back of your chart when not in use.

    Fun and Engaging

    Kids and adults alike love stickers, and our bright designs get people of all ages excited about using their own visual structure.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 72 reviews
    Great quality and a great system

    They’re great quality trackers and have so many different options for care tasks and closing duties. The vinyl clings to the magnets and tracker well. You can exchange tasks on them easily too. Overall it’s a great system!

    Great product, fast shipping

    The magnetic chart is very well designed, and very well made! It's already helped me lower the overwhelm and make some progress towards putting my house in order.

    Margo Cornell

    Every Day Calendar Stickers

    Great visual for Chores

    We had gotten so tired of nagging our 9yo to get her stuff picked up every day. She always says "I know", but then forgets (the ADHD in her). This chart has worked wonders! We may still remind her once to look at it, but more often than not she just sees it and remembers to get do what needs to be done!

    Jessica Hoover
    Great product but expect delays with shipping

    This weekly visual calendar is great with a few exceptions. Wish it extended all seven days on where I am sleeping tonight. Also it took much longer than expected to arrive.

    Thank you so much for your review, Jessica! We will update the 'where am I sleeping' for the next round of printing - thank you so much!

    As for the shipping time, I am SO sorry about that. We had a problem with our previous warehouse, and despite everything we tried, they could not get our orders out in a timely fashion. That's EXTREMELY important to us — both as humans who want our stuff and as a business — so we have moved to a new warehouse that ships out orders the same or next day. This shouldn't be an issue moving forward! I'm sorry you had that experience.

    — Sara

    Love these stickers!

    Just what I want and need! They're so cute and help me want to do the things that will help me today and tomorrow and onward!

    Elisa Dale

    This purchase was a gift for my son and his family. I will review as soon as they have feedback.

    Keri Humphries
    Such a helpful tool!

    I love that the stickers are removable/reusable!

    Dayna Hadden

    Wonderful design and great options. Now to put it to use!

    Elisabeth Navarrete

    Visual Schedule from Mr. Chazz x Mighty + Bright