Positive Self-Talk Affirmation Tokens (Set of 25)

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Have you ever heard your kids say something like, "I'm so stupid!" or "Nobody likes me!"?

Of course you have — we all have.

Positive self-talk is a coping skill that needs to be developed. That's the goal behind this unique set of wooden tokens, created especially for our Kids' Mental Health at Home subscription (they're Month 7!). As part of our "Empowerment" quarter, kids learn to reframe their thinking.

As an essential part of social-emotional learning, positive self-talk is not about finding "silver linings."  It's about nurturing resilience, building self-esteem, and training the brain through repetition to recognize strengths, opportunities for growth, and reasons to try again.

Each token is made of engraved wood with a special affirmation, mantra, or "power thought." The hole at the top is designed to be used with our push-pin hook (included) to showcase the "power thought" your child is working on.

The zip-top bag features the main character from our books, Mia, and her stuffed giraffe Stuart. She says, "You're awesome! Keep it up!"

  • Set of 25 wooden tokens, each measuring 1.75" in diameter
  • Push-pin hook to hang the "power thought" your child is working on
  • Reusable zip-top bag with a holographic sticker on the front measures approximately 9" x 4"

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