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Need help finding your perfect system? Take our quiz.

Room Reset for Kids Stickers


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Created in partnership with KC Davis, our Room Reset sheet is a unique way of teaching your kids to take responsibility for tasks and chores around the house, and learn to clean their room in a sustainable way that will serve them for years.

This sheet includes bonus content from KC to help you understand this method and implement it with your fam. 

Designed to be used with our Task Chart, you can use this sheet to help your kids learn how to manage and maintain tidying their room.


    This sheet includes 15 stickers for use with your Mighty + Bright task chart:

    • "Room Reset" title to label your task chart
    • Get Trash Bag
    • Put Trash in Bag
    • Dishes in Sink
    • Get Laundry Basket
    • Dirty Laundry in Basket
    • Clean Clothes in Drawer
    • Get "No home" box
    • Put Away - red, pink, orange
    • Put Away - yellow, green
    • Put Away - purple, blue
    • Put Away - black, gray, white
    • Throw Trash Away
    • Put Away "No Home" items
    • Dance Party

      This set includes 52 stickers for use with your Mighty + Bright calendar.

      The "Room Reset" portion of this sheet includes:

      • "Room Reset" title to label your task chart
      • Get Trash Bag
      • Put Trash in Bag
      • Dishes in Sink
      • Get Laundry Basket
      • Dirty Laundry in Basket
      • Clean Clothes in Drawer
      • Get "No home" box
      • Put Away - red, pink, orange
      • Put Away - yellow, green
      • Put Away - purple, blue
      • Put Away - black, gray, white
      • Throw Trash Away
      • Put Away "No Home" items
      • Dance Party

      The "Daily and Weekly Tasks" portion of this sheet includes:

      • "Daily Tasks" and "Weekly Tasks" titles to label your task chart
      • Weekly Chores (for your weekly calendar, so your kids know what day their weekly tasks should be done)
      • Tidy shoes and jackets
      • Clean out backpack
      • Put away backpack
      • Wipe inside sink
      • Tidy bath items
      • Dirty clothes in hamper
      • Stuff Hunt - living spaces
      • Stuff Hunt - kitchen + dining
      • Stuff Hunt - entry area
      • Stuff Hunt! (general)
      • Collect dirty dishes
      • Take out Trash
      • Set the Table 
      • Load Dishes
      • Put Away Dishes
      • Water Plants
      • Do Laundry
      • Fold Clothes
      • Vacuum
      • Sweep or Mop
      • Spray + wipe down counters and table
      • Clean Toilets
      • Clean Mirrors
      • Make Bed
      • Clean pet cage
      • Pick up poo
      • Clean litterbox
      • Pet food + water
      • Walk the Dog
      • Put Away Towel
      • Reset Bedroom
      • Reset Entry
      • Reset Bathroom
      • Reset Living Spaces

      Our stickers are made to be used over and over, because they don't actually have any adhesive! If they get dirty or stop sticking, simply get the back wet and rub it a bit to remove any dirt or grime.

      Please note that these are static cling stickers and will only adhere to glossy surfaces like our glass magnets, dry erase boards, or windows.

      Room Reset for Kids Stickers


      Stick 'em Again and Again

      Our proprietary design incorporates unique reusable cling stickers, which are designed to use with our magnets. They can be used over and over again to customize your visual system.

      We've thought through everything, and know that you don't want a lot of little pieces that can get lost. Store them on the back of your chart when not in use.

      Fun and Engaging

      Kids and adults alike love stickers, and our bright designs get people of all ages excited about using their own visual structure.

      Customers love Mighty + Bright's visual schedules for kids and adults.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 75 reviews
      Gina Rodriguez
      Love the idea but glass & tile don't mix!

      I bought a set of these glass magnet "to do" charts and while they are amazing... we have hard tile floors and so many of these were dropped and broke. I wish they were acrylic instead.

      Oh no, Gina! I'm so sorry to hear this! We're happy to provide you with replacement magnets - or a nonmagnetic chart, which might be a better fit for this scenario. We'll reach out to you privately to coordinate that. We'll also keep the idea for acrylic magnets in mind!

      Lauretta Larson-Dahlin
      Missing package then returning package

      My package was not delivered to my address and when it was delivered, I expected something different other than what arrived. Not impressed at all. I will not be ordering from you again!

      Hi Lauretta, Unfortunately we have been burned by a scam in which customers will report a package missing (even though they received it), so we replace it at no cost. Then they return the replacement order for a full refund and keep the original order, threatening a one-star review if we don't provide a replacement. This ends up costing us $30 in shipping fees alone, not to mention the cost of our product. We have this policy clearly stated in our return policy. I'm sorry if this has been disappointing; it is disappointing to us as well.

      Kaitlin Johnson

      Room Reset for Kids Stickers

      Great quality and a great system

      They’re great quality trackers and have so many different options for care tasks and closing duties. The vinyl clings to the magnets and tracker well. You can exchange tasks on them easily too. Overall it’s a great system!

      Great product, fast shipping

      The magnetic chart is very well designed, and very well made! It's already helped me lower the overwhelm and make some progress towards putting my house in order.

      Margo Cornell

      Every Day Calendar Stickers

      Great visual for Chores

      We had gotten so tired of nagging our 9yo to get her stuff picked up every day. She always says "I know", but then forgets (the ADHD in her). This chart has worked wonders! We may still remind her once to look at it, but more often than not she just sees it and remembers to get do what needs to be done!

      Jessica Hoover
      Great product but expect delays with shipping

      This weekly visual calendar is great with a few exceptions. Wish it extended all seven days on where I am sleeping tonight. Also it took much longer than expected to arrive.

      Thank you so much for your review, Jessica! We will update the 'where am I sleeping' for the next round of printing - thank you so much!

      As for the shipping time, I am SO sorry about that. We had a problem with our previous warehouse, and despite everything we tried, they could not get our orders out in a timely fashion. That's EXTREMELY important to us — both as humans who want our stuff and as a business — so we have moved to a new warehouse that ships out orders the same or next day. This shouldn't be an issue moving forward! I'm sorry you had that experience.

      — Sara

      Love these stickers!

      Just what I want and need! They're so cute and help me want to do the things that will help me today and tomorrow and onward!

      Elisa Dale

      This purchase was a gift for my son and his family. I will review as soon as they have feedback.