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Need help finding your perfect system? Take our quiz.

Need help finding your perfect system? Take our quiz.

Manage chores, kids, and the mental load.

Finally, a science-backed system that works for your brain — in less than 15 minutes.

Sometimes No Tech is a No-Brainer.

Our high-quality charts, tough glass magnets, and proprietary reusable stickers make the invisible visible. Research shows: digital can’t do that.

Backed by Science. Proven by Real People.

Works like magic for kids (and adults).

Empower your kids.

Build self-confidence and independence.

Improve behavior and field fewer questions.

Design a life you don’t have to escape from.

Systems that work together.

Your day. Your week. Your chores.

A sense of control over your life will work wonders for your mental health.

An uncomplicated life is the ultimate self-care.

So much dopamine.

Make the boring — for kids and adults — fun.

Reusable stickers are sustainable and fun to use.

And our magnets just click.

as seen in the Press

"This calendar for kids of divorce is what coparenting is truly all about."

[This is] totally applicable for adults who feel buried by a cluttered, messy house.

"Give your children a sense of a normalcy during this time of total change."

"This simple visual aid helps put the child’s life in context, letting them know what’s coming next and reducing their anxiety."

"Whether it's a big change or something small, this will help normalize the inevitability of change, giving kids the confidence that they can handle it."

Our Customers Love Us!


Beautiful Well Crafted Product! This lived up to all of my expectations. The quality of the magnetic board, the glass magnets, and the cling stickers was fantastic. The pairing with KC Davis was also a huge plus. We use our closing duties and room reset magnets almost every day.

Britny Major

Fantastic! This has been an amazing purchase! Would recommend!

Jean D'Amour

Worth Every Penny! I am so grateful for this ... it has been a complete game-changer! ... My son knows when Daddy will be home to put him to bed.


Just what my family needs!! Mighty and Bright seemed to know what we needed. I’m blown away by the quality of the product as well! Couldn’t recommend highly enough!!

Katie C.

Marriage Saver! My husband has severe ADHD... He told me he loves how it is broken down into each small step. He finds them easy to use and motivating.

Katie Gerdts

Great quality! I got both sets and feel like I need more! I like how steps are broken down more on the kids pack, aometimes as an adult, I need that kind of step break down too.