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Mighty + Bright's Reviews

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Life Saver

This calendar has brought so much comfort to my little ones. Each morning they check to see what the day (or days ahead) will hold. We also purchased some sports/fun activities buttons to give them things to look forward to, as well. Thank you for creating such an incredible product.

Appointments (Set of 3)
Vaness Tuohy

Incredible, quality products & customer service!! I placed an order & not longer after, Sara reached out to me with a question regarding it - she helped me get exactly what I was looking for. My kids love them too! I will definitely be ordering from her again!

Love the Upgrade!

I absolutely love the new upgrades! They are so clear, concise, and straightforward. There are SO many options and it makes planning ahead and scheduling a breeze. I love the reusability feature of the cling stickers so I can store spare buttons, swap out stickers, and plan! This is a great feature.

Katherine Conrad
Another great experience!

Once again, just in time for the new school year, I came to Mighty + Bright for help! And, once again, I had a fabulous experience! I purchased 5 buttons to add to our calendar. I made this purchase on a Sunday and within minutes had Customer Service help. My order shipped first thing Monday and was in my mailbox first thing Wednesday. Such a great experience and always so important to have the help of the calendar to set our routine and plan our days and weeks.

Our kids love it!!

The consistency and predictability of knowing what is coming next helps our days run so much smoother. We go over it and adjust the buttons each morning together. We ordered the My Morning/My Night board. We plan to order a few more buttons! Our kids are 3 and 5.

Transition Day
Elizabeth Powers

Transition Day

Wonderful with one complaint, the only thing that is magnet is the calendar. The faces do not stick to the calendar

Magnetic Visual Calendar for Kids


I cannot even begin to describe how helpful this calendar has been for my daughter. My daughter is three and being able to see how her schedule works with simple symbols has really helped her adjust to the new normal.


The calendar has been very helpful, the packaging was uplifting and just what we needed. Thank you!

Dad (Custom Man, Set of 5)
Uche Blackstock
Just what we needed to co-parent!

The calendar has been a godsend for our little ones. It has made the transition from one to two households easier and they always know where they will be. I also appreciated the opportunity to customize the magnets to look like us. Thank you for everything!

Magnetic Visual Calendar for Kids

Mom (Custom Woman, Set of 5)
Jennifer Webster
Great calendar

This is perfect for my 3 and 5 year olds. Love it so much!

Helpful for teachers too!

I use this every single school day, multiple times a day. I teach a group of students who are all remote, but my school building has a blended model, so we have in-person students as well. This has been so helpful in making sure I don’t have interruptions when I am teaching live. Thank you for a crisp and clean look that both adults and young children can understand!

Birthday Cupcake
Such a Great Experience!

Absolutely wonderful experience using Mighty & Bright from start to finish.

I placed 2 separate orders for a calendar and buttons; simply because I didn't think things through at all.

I got immediate/instant Customer Service support and advice on a holiday! Mighty & Bright was so kind and helpful and they even merged my 2 orders together to save me on shipping.

All the items arrived 3 days later and are perfect!

It's exactly what we needed to start planning and organizing for the school week, birthdays, different activities and events.

This helps us keep our sanity in the middle of COVID stress.
I'm already planning what to order next!

Perfectly Versatile!

These arrived so fast (after amazing Customer Service) and we have so. many different ways to use these in our week so it's wonderful to have the ability to intermix and change them. SO handy!

So much versatile use

Fantastic calendar that helps keep the household organized, with so many versatile uses and applications!
Really helps us keep our week (and lives) in perspective!

I love that we can interchange the backing set-up as we may move it around and our fridge isn't magnetic.

Love it!

The kids love all the buttons! It has helped them know what the schedule will be, when they will be going to Dad's house next.

Fantastic calendar

My son was always asking me where he was going when we would wake up in the morning. Now he can look at this fun calendar and know. The magnets are really fun and the calendar is only a week which is perfect for my four year old. I wanted to adjust my order and the response time was very quick. They worked with me to make sure I was able to get the magnets I wanted. Perfect coparenting calendar!

Awesome Calendar for Kids!

We bought the Separation + Divorce calendar for our kids (ages 4 and 9) and it has turned out to be such a big help! This has immensely helped our 4 year old not only learn the days of the week, but understand which are the transition days, which has helped her feel calmer and more secure knowing what’s ahead for each day. Our 9 year old knows the days of the week, but sometimes the days roll by without him noticing, so this calendar has been great for keeping him on track without any surprises. We also love using the event magnets to remind them about special occasions and chore days.

Aside from how much we love the calendar, the customer service has been above and beyond! Even during the pandemic, the calendars and magnets shipped out incredibly fast, and I received great tracking and delivery notices along the way. I love how they also have relevant event magnets such as “zoom calls” and “online school.” I’ve really had such a great experience and highly recommend this calendar if you have young kids going through split custody.

Co-Parenting Calendar for Separation + Divorce

Transition Day
sherrie starnes

Transition Day

Toddler tantrums

This is perfect for a busy momma so I didn’t have to make one myself. The magnets are great visuals so my toddler can understand and communicate with me. Being married to a farmer our routines change 4 times per year.

Parent's Cancer Treatment Set - Help for Kids


From the moment I got my package and opened it, my mood was dramatically uplifted! Every detail was spot on! The motivational messages and inspiring quotes gave me all the feels! A truly special company and an amazing product! Thank you!

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