Keep kids on track and ease transitions with a daily routine chart that shows all their daily tasks.


Make to-do lists kid-friendly and teach mental-health aligned responsibility.


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They fight over who gets to move the magnets, not about the chores!

These have been such a game changer in the house. The kiddos (3 and 6 year old) know what we’d like them to help with and also how to do the task. They started making their beds without asking, I hear them cleaning up by colour on their own and we’ve had the boards for just under a month. They also help us keep on track and create a routine too too. They are worth it!

Really useful

My daughter has ADHD and needs visuals to help her stay on task. These are perfect for her! My only complaint is the glass magnets seem very fragile. We have ours on our fridge and so far we’ve already had three fall off and shatter on our tile floor. We ordered some simple plastic magnets to replace them.

Too expensive

First, the website was very difficult to order from and kept me from proceeding. I was close to giving up on the purchase as it was VERY frustrating.

At the time of purchase, I thought the price was high but really thought that the quality and product would be worth it. After opening and attempting to use this, I’m realizing that this is priced far too high. I think that for 12$ for a sheet of stickers, they should be higher quality. They’re hard to remove from the sheet making their “reusability” no longer reusable because you can’t put the sticker back on the torn sheet.
It also may be on me, but the description of the Big Set was unclear (I thought this was 2 sets for 2 kids, which would make the most sense…)

Hi Karin, I'm so sorry that you feel like the stickers are too expensive. The 'reusable' part refers to the ability to use the stickers over and over *on your magnets*, not to stick them back on the sheet they came from. Once removed, the underlying sticker sheet isn't a glossy surface, so they won't re-stick. If they did, they would likely fall off before they got to you, which wouldn't be great.

Storing used stickers on the back of the chart itself seems to be the most convenient way to store them, because like you mentioned, they won't stick back onto the sheet once they've come off. I do apologize that they were hard to get off the sheet. Sometimes that happens when a bit of the paper comes off with the sticker.

Secondly, I am so sorry that you had a bad experience with the website. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with me via email so I can figure out what went wrong! After your order, I also updated the product page to make sure it was clear that the two chart option includes two charts, not two full kits; that was in the description but I think it may have required too much reading.

I appreciate your taking the time to share your experience. — Sara

KC Davis Strugglecare
Meera Stapleton
Kids really like them!

Set these up with my ADHD kids yesterday and they really like them. I got the kids one for my younger boy and the adult one for my eldest. We sat down together to choose which tasks to use; and also talked about how they are cyclical. I also bought a second one for my eldest for homework tracking (English, maths, science, etc) and project tracking - a lot of school projects can be overwhelming so I used blank labels to divide up a big project (read the assignment; list the criteria/tasks; plan when do to each task; do step/task 1-X; write up dot points; check and edit). Hopefully will help provide scaffolding for executive function.

This is wonderful, Meera! Thanks for sharing! You're making me think that I seriously need a homeschooling sheet! Also, you can write directly on the magnets with either dry/wet erase or sharpie. Hope that helps!


We are loving this tool, it has transformed the way we clean up there’s been a lot more flow and a lot less repetition 10/10 recommend

Yay! So glad to hear this Christian!

Magnetic Task Chart for Chores and Room Resetting with KC Davis

Love love love

I love this task chart. I felt like I was opening an apple product when I got it. It was clean cut, great quality and I could tell a lot of care went into creating the product and also delivering to its customers. I don’t usually leave reviews but I actively looked for a place to give this good review. I have 9 kids…. Yep…. And this chart is now one of my assistants!

Thank you SO much Carol! I put a ton of thought and care into designing it and REALLY appreciate that you saw that. :) So glad you're loving it! — Sara

Love it!

This has been a great way to help my 8 year old stay focus on daily task.

Great Product, Great Service

I am so happy to have received my foster care calendar. The calendar and magnets are really high quality so I know that they will last through many placements. The customer service was also incredible and so personal. I accidentally received the wrong sticker pack and they quickly sent me the correct ones with no hassle or fuss. I’d highly recommend this for foster families with young children or illiterate children!

Really helped my daughter!

My daughter tends to get overwhelmed easily so this chart helped reinforce the idea of breaking things down into smaller tasks. We made a game of it and we joint tackled the bigger tasks. She loved moving the tasks to the done column. Will be using frequently!

KC Davis Strugglecare
Sarah Netherwood
Less struggle, together!

I started using KC Davis' magnetic task board 30 days ago and I've never experienced such ease in using a new tool. Usually after a couple days I'll forget to use the newest thing I've bought to help keep me on track, but this was different. By having a visual task list I've minimized feeling overwhelmed by all the chores waiting to be done and I've been able to place the tasks in order of priority. What's even better is I've gotten my partner on board. Together we've become more efficient in making our house work for us!

KC Davis Strugglecare
Jessica Schubert
5 Stars

Shipped and delivered quickly. Packaging was secure. Product is awesome!

Great quality!

I got both sets and feel like I need more! I like how steps are broken down more on the kids pack, aometimes as an adult, I need that kind of step break down too.

I love my Opening & Closing Duties chart

There is something so satisfying - and yet sustainable - about being able to slide my completed tasks back and forth on this board. My only piece of feedback is I wish there were a couple of blank stickers so I could make my own tasks for the magnets. Many of them fit in with my current lifestyle but a fair amount don't and I'd like to make some that do apply to my life. Other than that, the quality of the board and magnets are great. I love that there's one extra magnet too just in case something gets lost.

Helpful for entire household

Would highly recommend this board for anyone who has care tasks they need to accomplish (ie. everyone). It is helpful to "check off" the boxes, helps me stay on task, and allows me to keep my to do list manageable. My spouse has ADHD and I do not but it helps both of us. Highly recommend KC and Struggle Care.

KC Davis Strugglecare
Laura Adams

KC Davis Strugglecare

Stickers aren’t right for mr

I love the concept, like the magnets and board, but the stickers themselves did t really fit with my routine for a room reset. I wanted to try to use it with my son, too, but that didn’t quite fit either. I wish there were a greater variety of stickers to choose from, or maybe a template where we could make our own. I love KC Davis and love this concept; just need to make it work for me

KC Davis Strugglecare
Shira Dubin
Game changer

Since getting the board, I have done opening duties and closing duties every night. I haven’t missed a single day. This is the most functional I have felt in a very long time.

Worth Every Penny!

I am so grateful for this calendar- it has been a complete game-changer! My partner works 12 hour shifts and has a schedule that varies from week to week. With this calendar, my son knows when Daddy will be home to put him to bed, be able to take him to school/pick him up (he looks for the magnet with blue scrubs that I drew with wet erase markers). It has been especially helpful through winter break, and as we transition him to a new school. There are fewer anxious questions like: “Do l have school today?, Is Daddy going to work today?”, and if he does ask, we look at the calendar together. I am also impressed at how sturdy it is. I have dropped the glass magnets countless times, and they are still in one piece. I purchased the holiday sticker/school break set as well, and I’m so pleased to see how inclusive it is- every holiday imaginable.

We have always been transparent with our child about what’s happening beforehand but having a visual tool is beyond helpful. We love completing it together every Sunday, and has really made us feel more connected. Highly recommend!

Great Quality + Suggestion

I just received our Big Set. It came with two magnetic charts, 30 magnets, and 1 room reset sticker page. The magnets are very strong. I have no concerns of it not hanging well. The wall hooks were not included but should be easy enough to locate at a home improvement store. One suggestion is: I would clarify in the Big Set description that only one set of stickers is included. I bought the big set for two separate kids and will need to purchase another Room Reset sticker page to use effectively as they work at their own paces.

Thank you so much for the feedback Melissa! I will update the drop-down menu, as I think that will make it more clear what's included in the big set, rather than having it in the description alone. Let me know if you have any other ideas about how to make it more clear! I hope you find it helpful!

So great!

My daughter is loving this calendar, and all of the stickers. She now has a visual for her schedule, and loves going over to the fridge and confirming where she will be each night. Thank you for this product. It makes an impossible situation, feel a little bit easier for all of us.

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Maria Lindbergh
Helps Tremendously!

We love our daily calendar! My three-year-old chose which stickers she wanted on the magnets. Then she chooses what tasks she wants to do next. It takes away a lot of the frustration with trying to keep her on task. Of course, we still struggle with staying focused on completing ALL of the morning and evening tasks. But I find myself not repeating things 800 times a day, which helps my sanity a lot.

Thank you for making this product!

Task chart

My grandchildren love it. They like choosing their jobs. Only one thing, you sent an email to my daughter in law about pieces you need to send. She has not received them.
Thank you for creating such an inspiring chart to create hard working children. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hi Lucia! I'm glad your grandchildren love it, but if your daughter-in-law hasn't received some part of her package I want to fix it! Please let me know what she needs.

We Love This!

I love my three-year-old but I don’t love the feeling of losing my mind during morning and evening routines. One can only say “brush your teeth” 8,000 times before snapping.

The daily routine schedule and magnets made her so much more cooperative. She picked the stickers she wanted to use on the magnets. She selects what she wants to do next. Life is easier!

Thank you, Mighty and Bright, for giving me some sanity back!

Visual Schedule from Mr. Chazz x Mighty + Bright

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