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Set of 15 Glass Magnets

Set of 15 Glass Magnets
Jessica Yas Barker
Beautiful, but so few stickers provided

I love this concept Mr. Chazz, and I am excited to use it with my toddler. However, I am disappointed by how few stickers were provided in the starter kit. The packaging is plastered in images of all the different, unique, diverse stickers you created- hundreds perhaps- and then all I get in my package is 33 stickers that don't really cover the full spectrum of things I want to include on my kid's schedule. The stickers, I assume, are the cheapest part of the product- why not include all of them? Now I am a bit frustrated that I have to return to the website and buy ANOTHER item, after waiting awhile for this to come in the mail. I'll do it, but it would have been so much nicer for this to be ready to use, out of the box.

Set of 15 Glass Magnets
Wanda Jewell

Set of 15 Glass Magnets

Set of 15 Glass Magnets
Lindsay Williams

The magnets are high quality, my only complaint is some of the peel of stickers are impossible to get off the backing!

Rhythms + Routines - Expansion Sheet

Not impressed, unfortunately 😕

Too small and not that interesting for my 4 year old . A good idea in theory and I will keep trying but the sheer small size threw me off from the beginning...

I'm so sorry you're disappointed Michelle! What size were you expecting? I am wondering if I need to make it more clear what the size is - they need to be this size or they won't fit on a calendar.

Set of 15 Glass Magnets
Nicole Boersma

Set of 15 Glass Magnets

thoughtfully designed and hugely helpful in difficult times--and every day

I'm beyond impressed with the research and care that went into designing Mighty and Bright's products. My kiddo is only 2.5 and a bit too young to make the most of the calendar but he loves the books and putting together and playing with the magnetic buttons has still been a great way for us to talk through all the changes happening at home and identify the types of activities that bring us all joy. I'm hoping to keep using this product long after treatment to help establish and maintain healthy routines--and I've been recommending the products to parents I meet in my cancer support group.

Someone I love has cancer

Really enjoyed this book. I work with kids of cancer patients and this book is an amazing resource to utilize when I first meet with them.

Sooo helpful!

This calendar is perfect for my 7 yo, who needs help with daily reminders. He has ADHD and this visual chart helps him and me so I don’t have to repeat myself

Life Saver

This calendar has brought so much comfort to my little ones. Each morning they check to see what the day (or days ahead) will hold. We also purchased some sports/fun activities buttons to give them things to look forward to, as well. Thank you for creating such an incredible product.

Love the Upgrade!

I absolutely love the new upgrades! They are so clear, concise, and straightforward. There are SO many options and it makes planning ahead and scheduling a breeze. I love the reusability feature of the cling stickers so I can store spare buttons, swap out stickers, and plan! This is a great feature.

Our kids love it!!

The consistency and predictability of knowing what is coming next helps our days run so much smoother. We go over it and adjust the buttons each morning together. We ordered the My Morning/My Night board. We plan to order a few more buttons! Our kids are 3 and 5.

Magnetic Visual Calendar for Kids


I cannot even begin to describe how helpful this calendar has been for my daughter. My daughter is three and being able to see how her schedule works with simple symbols has really helped her adjust to the new normal.


The calendar has been very helpful, the packaging was uplifting and just what we needed. Thank you!

Magnetic Visual Calendar for Kids
Anna Camp Casanovas

Magnetic Visual Calendar for Kids

So much versatile use

Fantastic calendar that helps keep the household organized, with so many versatile uses and applications!
Really helps us keep our week (and lives) in perspective!

I love that we can interchange the backing set-up as we may move it around and our fridge isn't magnetic.

Fantastic calendar

My son was always asking me where he was going when we would wake up in the morning. Now he can look at this fun calendar and know. The magnets are really fun and the calendar is only a week which is perfect for my four year old. I wanted to adjust my order and the response time was very quick. They worked with me to make sure I was able to get the magnets I wanted. Perfect coparenting calendar!

Awesome Calendar for Kids!

We bought the Separation + Divorce calendar for our kids (ages 4 and 9) and it has turned out to be such a big help! This has immensely helped our 4 year old not only learn the days of the week, but understand which are the transition days, which has helped her feel calmer and more secure knowing what’s ahead for each day. Our 9 year old knows the days of the week, but sometimes the days roll by without him noticing, so this calendar has been great for keeping him on track without any surprises. We also love using the event magnets to remind them about special occasions and chore days.

Aside from how much we love the calendar, the customer service has been above and beyond! Even during the pandemic, the calendars and magnets shipped out incredibly fast, and I received great tracking and delivery notices along the way. I love how they also have relevant event magnets such as “zoom calls” and “online school.” I’ve really had such a great experience and highly recommend this calendar if you have young kids going through split custody.

Co-Parenting Calendar for Separation + Divorce

Toddler tantrums

This is perfect for a busy momma so I didn’t have to make one myself. The magnets are great visuals so my toddler can understand and communicate with me. Being married to a farmer our routines change 4 times per year.

Parent's Cancer Treatment Set - Help for Kids


From the moment I got my package and opened it, my mood was dramatically uplifted! Every detail was spot on! The motivational messages and inspiring quotes gave me all the feels! A truly special company and an amazing product! Thank you!

BEST Calendar, Owner and COMPANY

Sara has not only created a phenomenal product with her magnetic timesharing calendar (which has completely changed my 3.5 year olds struggle with having two households and feelings of instability) but she's also a rock star with amazing customer service. Her website is super easy to use, there are so many choices to make sure the order matches YOUR family dynamic. And it's FUN for kids and parents to use an interactive tool that kids can easily be involved with to let them feel in control of a situation they have very little say in sometimes. Every morning my son moves his "today" magnet so he can see where he will be going for the night, plus he adds magnets for fun activities we can enjoy together throughout the week. Something to look forward to when it's tough to transition to another home. Love Mighty + Bright, her genius inventions and sweet, helpful demeanor to get us through the tough stuff. Thank you Sara.

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