Calendar Kit for Foster Kids

Change is difficult for kids of all ages, but it's especially hard for kids in foster care, who are thrown into a totally new situation (often with very little warning).

Help foreshadow and create predictability for kids in foster care by providing them with the structure and visual cues they need to relieve their anxiety. 

Our one-of-a-kind visual schedule for foster kids was co-created with Foster Parent Partner Laura and designed to help kids plan for everything from birth family visits to medical appointments. We've also included bonus content from Laura to help foster families implement the schedule and get the most out of it.

Are you a nonprofit organization or system that helps foster kids? We've created a calendar specifically for foster system nonprofits, available in bulk.


  • Fully magnetic
  • Dry erase
  • 11" wide by 5.5" tall
  • Each day fits up to four magnets.
  • Hangs anywhere:
    • Magnetic surfaces like refrigerators
    • Walls using our push-pin hooks
  • 15 glass magnets to use over and over.
  • Reusable sticker sheet includes 46 total cling stickers, including 1 "today," 5 school, a set of "visitation" stickers for both mom and dad (phone call, video visit in person visit, overnight visit), case worker, first day of school, no school, happy time, move in and move out, court date, advocate, team meeting, doctor, haircut, dentist, nurse home visit, specialist, plan the week, last day, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, talk therapy, behaviorist, play therapy, support group, respite, sitter, religious service (with church, synagogue, mosque), plus park, pizza night, movie night and "out for a treat" to give kids something to look forward to. There are also two strips to use with a dry erase marker: "where am I sleeping?" and "who picks me up?"

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