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Keep kids on track and ease transitions with a daily routine chart that shows all their daily tasks.


Make to-do lists kid-friendly and teach mental-health aligned responsibility.


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Room Reset + Chores Sticker Sheet

Note: this item is available for pre-order, shipping on or before April 25, 2023.

Created in partnership with KC Davis, our Room Reset sheet is a unique way of teaching your kids to take responsibility for tasks and chores around the house, and learn to clean their room in a sustainable way that will serve them for years.

This sheet includes bonus content from KC to help you understand this method and implement it with your fam. 

Designed to be used with our Task Chart, you can use this sheet in two ways: 

  1. To help your kids manage cleaning their room
  2. To help your kids manage daily and weekly chores


This set includes 52 stickers for use with your Mighty + Bright calendar.

The "Room Reset" portion of this sheet includes:

  • "Room Reset" title to label your task chart
  • Get Trash Bag
  • Put Trash in Bag
  • Dishes in Sink
  • Get Laundry Basket
  • Dirty Laundry in Basket
  • Clean Clothes in Drawer
  • Get "No home" box
  • Put Away - red, pink, orange
  • Put Away - yellow, green
  • Put Away - purple, blue
  • Put Away - black, gray, white
  • Throw Trash Away
  • Put Away "No Home" items
  • Dance Party

The "Daily and Weekly Tasks" portion of this sheet includes:

  • "Daily Tasks" and "Weekly Tasks" titles to label your task chart
  • Weekly Chores (for your weekly calendar, so your kids know what day their weekly tasks should be done)
  • Tidy shoes and jackets
  • Clean out backpack
  • Put away backpack
  • Wipe inside sink
  • Tidy bath items
  • Dirty clothes in hamper
  • Stuff Hunt - living spaces
  • Stuff Hunt - kitchen + dining
  • Stuff Hunt - entry area
  • Stuff Hunt! (general)
  • Collect dirty dishes
  • Take out Trash
  • Set the Table 
  • Load Dishes
  • Put Away Dishes
  • Water Plants
  • Do Laundry
  • Fold Clothes
  • Vacuum
  • Sweep or Mop
  • Spray + wipe down counters and table
  • Clean Toilets
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Make Bed
  • Clean pet cage
  • Pick up poo
  • Clean litterbox
  • Pet food + water
  • Walk the Dog
  • Put Away Towel
  • Reset Bedroom
  • Reset Entry
  • Reset Bathroom
  • Reset Living Spaces
Layer 1

Fully Magnetic

Made of heavy-duty, thick steel with a tough outer coating, this magnetic chart will stand up to years of sticky fingers.

Layer 1

Dry Erase

Write directly on the board (and your magnets!) for tons of flexibility. Or use Sharpie, then remove it with hand sanitizer.

Hangs Anywhere

Attaches to magnetic surfaces like a refrigerator, or walls using our push-pin hooks.

Layer 1

Super Tough Glass Magnets

Weekly: fits 4 magnets per day

Daily: fits 7 magnets per row

Measures 11" by 5.5"

Use one week at a time, or create an always up-to-date perpetual calendar with multiple weeks

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