Magnetic Daily Chart for Routines + Responsibility

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Set Includes:

  • Mighty + Bright Daily chart
  • Rhythms + Routines set with 108 reusable stickers (see below)
  • 15 super-tough glass magnets

Will a Daily Chart Help my Family?

Life often feels out of control for kids, happening to them. When they don't feel like they have any say in their day-to-day, they start looking for power in unpleasant ways.

To us, it can look like:

My kid literally cannot be separated from me without severe anxiety and crying. We're BOTH tired.

He is quite literally SCREAMING "no!" at me when asked to do ANYTHING.

She’s hyper sensitive to everything, and when I ask her to clean up her toys, she has a total breakdown.

The best way to help kids is by giving them a sense of control, and then leveraging that control for good. Let them decide what order they get to do their "to do" list, and you'll find you're getting out the door much more quickly in the mornings.

Layer 1

Fully Magnetic

Made of heavy-duty, thick steel with a tough outer coating, this magnetic chart will stand up to years of sticky fingers.

Layer 1

Dry Erase

Write directly on the board (and your magnets!) for tons of flexibility. Or use Sharpie, then remove it with hand sanitizer.

Hangs Anywhere

Attaches to magnetic surfaces like a refrigerator, or walls using our push-pin hooks.

Layer 1

Super Tough Glass Magnets

Weekly: fits 4 magnets per day

Daily: fits 7 magnets per row

Measures 11" by 5.5"

Use one week at a time, or create an always up-to-date perpetual calendar with multiple weeks

The Rhythms, Routines, and Rituals Set includes 58 total cling stickers, including: Wake Up, Brush Teeth (2), Go Potty (2), Flush the Toilet (2), Wash Hands (2), Get Dressed, Brush Hair, Make Bed, Breakfast, Put on Shoes, Get Jacket, Get Lunch, Snack (2), Dinner, Bathtime, Floss Teeth, Put on PJ's, Read, Sleep, Hang up towel, Take Vitamins, Turn off lights, Errands, Lotion or Sunscreen, Clean up Messes, Medicine (2), Outside Time, Free Play, Screentime (2), Watch a Show (2), Game Time, Hearing aids - put away, Hearing aids - check batteries, Hearing aids - clean, Hearing aids, Glasses - clean, Glasses - put away, Glasses, Inhaler (2), Special Time (woman, light/medium skin tone), Special Time (man, light/medium skin tone), Special Time (woman, dark skin tone), Special Time (man, dark skin tone), Quiet Time (2), Worry Time, Count Your Blessings, Roses + Thorns, Say Prayers

How it Works

Kids feel safest when they know what's expected of them. Change is unsettling, and it's helpful to know that there's a structure to every day. In families with two homes due to separation or divorce, it's best for kids to have the same routine in each home; set them up for success with a visual routine chart in both houses.

For kids, building self-confidence includes knowing what's expected of them, so they have the opportunity to succeed!

As each "to do" is completed, your child moves a magnet off the chart. Have them help you construct the routine, helping increase their sense of responsibility and control. As an added bonus, you'll find a dramatic decrease in stalling tactics and tantrums. Kids love the task of moving the magnets.

About Our Charts

Mighty + Bright's charts are sturdy, fully magnetic, dry erase, and designed to be easily taken on and off, over and over. This makes weekly planning easy to do from a dining table, couch, or hospital bed.

Using our included wall set, you can hang your chart anywhere in your house, and never worry about damaging your walls.

Not everyone has a magnetic fridge, and some charts are better suited for other locations, like:
  • near a child's bedroom
  • in the bathroom for morning and evening routines
  • on a kitchen wall
  • near backpacks in a mud room
  • on the back of a door

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Roberto Serrano

Rhythms + Routines - Expansion Sheet

Cristal Cassel
Sooo helpful!

This calendar is perfect for my 7 yo, who needs help with daily reminders. He has ADHD and this visual chart helps him and me so I don’t have to repeat myself

Our kids love it!!

The consistency and predictability of knowing what is coming next helps our days run so much smoother. We go over it and adjust the buttons each morning together. We ordered the My Morning/My Night board. We plan to order a few more buttons! Our kids are 3 and 5.

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