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Visual Schedule from Mr. Chazz x Mighty + Bright

Preorders will begin shipping beginning May 25.

This special daily schedule kit was created just for you by Mr. Chazz and Sara from Mighty + Bright. We've added a few special features to this kit to help you and your child design days that include less stress and more connection:

- Assemble the kit together to build connection! Give your kids a sense of control by letting them choose the order in which they do some of the activities. Let them put the stickers on the buttons (If they're crooked, you can always re-stick it later when they aren't looking).

- Kids need to break up their days with activities that help regulate the body. We've outlined these activities in blue. Make sure their day is broken up by blue activities!

Exclusive tips from Mr. Chazz! Each of these special sheets has a link to exclusive content from Mr. Chazz to help you get the most out of every day, easing transitions and regulating emotions


This set includes:

  • Mighty + Bright magnetic Daily Chart
  • Exclusive "Mr. Chazz x Mighty + Bright" reusable sticker sheet
  • 30 magnets

The Daily Chart is:

  • Fully magnetic
  • Dry erase
  • 11" wide by 5.5" tall
  • Hangs anywhere:
    • Magnetic surfaces like refrigerators
    • Non-magnetic surfaces, like a wall, using our push-pin hooks

The Rhythms + Routines Set includes:

    • Wake Up
    • Brush Teeth (Includes 2)
    • Go Potty
  • (Includes 2)
  • Get Dressed
  • Breakfast
  • Put on Shoes
  • School
  • Dinner
  • Bathtime
  • Put on PJs
  • Floss Teeth
  • Read
  • Sleep
  • Family Meeting
  • Check In (includes 2)
  • Take Vitamins
  • Medicine (includes 2)
  • Special Time
  • Get in the Car (includes 3)
  • Help Cook
  • Play Board Game
  • Take a Walk
  • Dance Party
  • Outside Time
  • Sensory Play
  • Breathing

And a peel-off sticker with reminders from Mr. Chazz - including a link and QR code to your exclusive content.

How it Works

Kids feel safest when they know what's expected of them. Change is unsettling, and it's helpful to know that there's a structure to every day. In families with two homes due to separation or divorce, it's best for kids to have the same routine in each home; set them up for success with a visual routine chart in both houses.

As each "to do" is completed, your child moves a magnet off the chart. Have them help you construct the routine, helping increase their sense of responsibility and control. As an added bonus, you'll find a dramatic decrease in stalling tactics and tantrums. Kids love the task of moving the magnets.


Mighty + Bright's charts are solid steel, fully magnetic, dry erase, and designed to be easily taken on and off, over and over. This makes weekly planning easy to do from a dining table, couch, or hospital bed.

Solid + sturdy, our charts will last for years. They'll also grow with your kids, thanks to our additional sticker + magnet sets.

Not everyone has a magnetic fridge, and some charts are better suited for other locations, like:

  • near a child's bedroom
  • in the bathroom for morning and evening routines
  • on a kitchen wall
  • near backpacks in a mud room
  • on the back of a door

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