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How does it work?

  • Each month, set up the calendar with your child, placing school days, activities, travel, and days with each parent. 
  • Each night, take off "today" and talk about what you'll do tomorrow.
  • Put your child's life in context, reducing their anxiety and helping them feel in control of their own life.
  • Choose a different color house or apartment for each parent, or create a custom magnet to look like any man or woman
  • In 50/50 custody situations (or near to it) get two sets of the calendar - one for each parent's home.


    building a shared custody calendar is easy.




    1. Choose a magnetic calendar




    2. Choose a magnet set to represent your house




    3. Choose a magnet set to represent your ex's house




    help your kids understand where they'll be, and when.



    Why do kids need a visual calendar?

    Reduces Anxiety

    Little kids get anxious when they don't know what
    to expect. A visual schedule helps your child understand
    her life, so life doesn't just happen to her. 

    Gives a sense of control

    Kids have a fundamental need to feel some power over their
    lives. Involving them in the process of schedule-planning
    makes them feel like an active participant in creating it.

    Provides a constant reminder

    Little kids often can't remember our words, but visual
    aids help reinforce them - giving them the ability to 
    truly learn complex concepts like shared custody.

    It's fun!

    Kids love learning new skills, feel important
    having their own schedule, and learn the concept
    of "looking forward" to fun activities.





    explain complex custody arrangements




    Kids love the cute (but not cute-sy)
    magnets. Parents love the subtle
    colors, which won't interfere with decor.

    Easily build the right calendar
    for your unique family, with magnets
    for every activity or family situation.

    Magnets are strong and won't fall
    off accidentally. The calendar can be
    wiped clean with soap and water.





    Divorce is a tough concept, made even harder by shared custody.

    The Mighty & Bright Calendar is a one-of-a-kind tool that helps pre-readers understand their lives using visual representations of common activities. Perfect for kids who attend school or daycare, have a lot of activities, have parents who travel, or have parents who are divorced.

    Help your kids understand their schedule — it only takes two minutes to build your custom calendar!