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What Happens When Moms Divorce and What Happens When Dads Divorce - Books for LGBTQ divorce and separation

When your parents are divorcing, feeling safe — and seen — is everything. Children of LGBTQ families need to see families like their own, which is why I wrote books about divorce for gay and lesbian families and created magnetic co-parenting calendars that allow kids to see their parents — not a straight couple.

Regardless of nature or nurture, our kids see pieces of themselves in each parent. It's important that all of their fears about divorce are addressed, that they know what to expect, and that their family is represented. 

Divorce book for gay dads

Buy the book, What Happens When Dads Divorce on Amazon and the custody calendar for gay dads here, on Mighty + Bright.

Book for lesbian moms divorcing or separating

Buy the book, What Happens When Moms Divorce on Amazon and the custody calendar for lesbian moms here, on Mighty + Bright.

Custom buttons that look like the parents can also be created on Mighty + Bright, allowing for even more diversity.


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