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Keep kids on track and ease transitions with a daily routine chart that shows all their daily tasks.


Make to-do lists kid-friendly and teach mental-health aligned responsibility.


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Tips for your visual schedule from Mr. Chazz

Hello from Mr. Chazz!

Daily schedules like this one are more about the rhythm of the day rather than sticking to a specific time.

We've added a few special features to this kit to help you keep important things in mind:

- Kids need to break up their days with activities that help regulate the body. We've outlined these activities in blue. Make sure their day is broken up by blue activities!

- Spending 5-15 minutes of dedicated one-on-one time can have a massive impact on your child's behavior! At Mighty + Bright, we call this "Special Time."

- Try to keep yourself focused on what's important, and stay present: What is important in this moment? What are my needs? What are their needs? How can both our needs get met?

Making Transitions Easier for Kids

Changing from one activity to the next can be *hard* for kids. Here's how to make those changes easier.

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Imagine you're at your favorite part of your very favorite activity. You're really into it, super focused, and suddenly someone interrupts you to do something youreally don't care about.How would you feel?

The chances are high that you wouldn't be thrilled. And if you didn't have much self-control, you might start yelling at the person who interrupted you. Guess what? That's exactly what's happening for your kids when they have to move playtime to another (usually not very fun) activity. Kids aren't giving you a hard time — they'rehaving a hard time.

Here are some tips to make transitions a bit easier on your kids:

1. Use Empathy
It's easy to get frustrated as parent when your kid is melting down instead of getting in the car. But empathizing with them helps calm you both down. Try saying, "I can see you do not want to get in the car. You're angry. I totally understand why! You were having fun."

2. Care About What They Care About
If your child is about to go through a challenging transition for them, spend a couple minutes expressing interest in their activity before transitioning from it. Care about what children care about, and they will be more likely to care about what you care about.

3. Give a 5 Minute Warning
When anyone is interrupted in the middle of something and told they have to stop right this second, it's hard to deal. Give your kids a little advanced warning so they have time to prepare, and the transition will go much better. Supercharge this idea using a visual timer (more on that below).

Making Daily Activities Easier

It may just take a little bit of creativity, fun and silliness to bring ease and joy to your day.

Regulation + Kids

5 Reasons why this song is helpful:

1.  This song helps adults teach young children about the process of regulating.

2. It helps start a conversation about when we can use breathing to help us.

3. This song helps children practice regulating their bodies with breathing.

4. Breathing helps us access the "smart part" of our brain.

5. The arm movements in this song help children cross the "Midline," which helps the left and right hemispheres of the brain communicate. This helps the creative and the logical parts of our brain work together, helping to improve fine motor skills and writing skills, and develop reading skills. 

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