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How does Mighty + Bright decide which book + calendars to create next?

Mighty + Bright's science-backed books explain hard topics in an age appropriate, clear, and honest way, and show kids how this issue will impact their day-to-day life. We have books for a child's cancer diagnosis, a parent or sibling's cancer diagnosis, divorce, and general change (like moving or a new sibling).

The books are complemented by reusable visual calendars, which provide the structure and routine kids need to cope with big changes. These visual, tangible tools help kids thrive (and are fun, too!).

We're often contacted by families who would like a book + calendar kit for their community — but we need to make sure that there are other families who would also like a kit before we create it. The best way to gauge interest — and find out what's most important to include — is to ask the community directly. That's why we create surveys for communities to share their interest and ideas.

Please share the surveys below with your community. If you have an idea that isn't listed here, please contact us! The goal for each survey is 1,000 responses — so please share with your community!

Military Families

Military Families deal with constant schedule changes, and parents may often find their kids asking when their active-duty parent comes home. Fill out our survey here >> 


An epilepsy diagnosis can mean changes to daily and weekly schedules. Fill out our survey here >> 

Type 1 Diabetes

An T1D diagnosis can mean changes to daily and weekly schedules. Fill out our survey here >>



We believe that businesses can — and should — make a difference.

Our Commitment to Giving Back

Mighty + Bright's mission is to help kids cope with life's toughest stuff — and that is especially true of children affected by cancer.

Resilience Campaign™, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was formed with the goal of providing every child affected by cancerwith the mental health resources to copewith unimaginable stress.

Mighty + Bright is proud to matchevery dollar donated to Resilience Campaign™. We donate 10% of our profits, as well.

mighty and bright + resilience campaign

Mighty + Bright is proud to donate 10% of our profits and match every single dollar donated (with no limit) to Resilience Campaign
to help kids affected by cancer emotionally cope with their diagnosis and treatment. Learn More >

About Resilience Campaign™

Life changes suddenly and dramatically for families facing cancer, leaving everyone — especially kids — feeling lost and scared.

Resilience Campaign™ distributes psychosocial emotional support for pediatric cancer patients, their siblings, and children of adult cancer patients.

These resources help families talk honestly and understand what to expect, helping them feel more at peace and comfortable navigating the "new normal."

Working directly with children's hospitals and other nonprofit programs, Resilience Campaign™ gets resources into the hands of those who need it most, at no cost to the family.

How to Get Involved

No donation amount is too small or too large — and Mighty + Bright will match every dollar.

Make a Donation

A donation of just $25 helps a child understand and cope with their diagnosis. A donation of $50 helps a child and their sibling. Every donation will be matched by Mighty + Bright.

Donate Monthly

Resilience Campaign™ relies on monthly donors to plan when hospitals will receive kits. With Mighty + Bright's contribution, your $25 monthly commitment becomes $50. Check the box that says "Donate Monthly."

Fundraise Online

By creating a fundraiser on social media, you leverage the power of your network to help kids in need. Every donation you receive will be matched by Mighty + Bright.

Donate at Work

Many companies match employee contributions. Resilience Campaign™ is registered through Benevity Causes, which many employers process matches through.

"When you give the gift of a book, you don't just give one gift. You give a gift every time that child opens the book and sees themselves."

— Child Life Specialist working with Resilience Campaign™

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