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About the Book, "Nothing Stays the Same, but That's Okay"

by Sara Olsher

What happens if we move to a new house?
What if I get a new brother or sister?
What if one of my parents goes away for awhile?
What if I start a new school?
What if something changes?!

Kids and grown-ups have lots of fears, but the "unknown" edges out pretty much everything else. When something changes in a child's life, life goes from predictable and safe to confusing . . . and kinda scary.

Kids (like the rest of us) handle change best if they know what to expect, both on a day-to-day basis and long-term. Join Mia and her stuffed giraffe Stuart as they explain changes big and small and how they affect a kid's day-to-day life. Using an illustrated calendar to explain how changes affects a child's daily routine, Nothing Stays the Same But That's Okay focuses on the child's experience and removes unknowns from the equation.

This book is a therapist-approved resource for teaching kids the coping skillsnecessary for adapting to transitions and change. By introducing the concept of an overwhelmed, too-busy brain, kids are empowered to recognize overwhelm in themselves and choose from a variety of tools to help manage it.

A few pages from the book . . .


Author Visits

Best-selling author Sara Olsher brings her books to life with interactive assemblies that teach kids about how to handle change, including feelings of overwhelm.

Each kid brings home their own hand-made calendar, just like Mia uses in the book.

Available live or via Zoom or Google Meet.

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