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Need help finding your perfect system? Take our quiz.

Need help finding your perfect system? Take our quiz.

Grown-Up Weekly Reusable Stickers


Pairs well with:

Our weekly visual schedule was created just for adults. Easily communicate in a way your brain — and other members of your family — can understand.

This sheet includes 49 stickers. For details, click "Product Details" above.

This set includes 49 stickers for use with your Mighty + Bright calendar:

  • Work (x5)
  • Work from home (x5)
  • Class (x3)
  • Date Night
  • Sitter
  • Take Out (x3)
  • Dine out (x2)
  • Double Date
  • Couples Therapy
  • Therapy
  • Family Meeting
  • Party
  • Hike
  • Couples check-in
  • Friend Date (x3)
  • Hobby - Purple (x2)
  • Hobby - Blue (x2)
  • Sleepover
  • Game Night
  • Family Function
  • HOA Meeting
  • Farmer's Market
  • Vet
  • Massage
  • Esthetician
  • Gym (x5)
  • Book Club
  • Sports

Grown-Up Weekly Reusable Stickers


Stick 'em Again and Again

Our proprietary design incorporates unique reusable cling stickers, which are designed to use with our magnets. They can be used over and over again to customize your visual system.

We've thought through everything, and know that you don't want a lot of little pieces that can get lost. Store them on the back of your chart when not in use.

Fun and Engaging

Kids and adults alike love stickers, and our bright designs get people of all ages excited about using their own visual structure.

Customers love Mighty + Bright's visual schedules for kids and adults.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Traci Cohen
Love but extended packs need more diversity

Love. Kid packs which would have been a second purchase after my closing duties and to do list for me. The kids list includes lots of repeats to other lists you may have at home.

Would like to see more specific. Clean up toys, put laundry in hamper, make bed.

Thanks so much Traci! The expansion pack for Closing Duties is for kid-related tasks that adults do. I think you might like our chores for kids sticker sheet, which is aimed at kids and has all of the stickers you mentioned! Hope that helps. :)

Great quality

They’re great quality trackers and have so many different options for care tasks and closing duties. The vinyl clings to the magnets and tracker well. You can exchange tasks on them easily too. Overall it’s a great system!

Sara Johnson-cardona

I love it! And very helpful in reducing overwhelm!

Ruby Logan
Closing duties

It works extremely well for a busy working mom of 3. It keeps me on task so I can quickly clean up before bed.

Sarah Baye
KC Davis Collaboration is Life-Changing!

I purchased both the Room Reset and Closing Duties and it is amazing how helpful both have been!
I use the Closing Duties everyday and the Room Reset weekly. It takes the pressure off of thinking about what to do and what to do first. I simply go to the fridge where both are and go through step-by-step!
I purchased the less expensive version and it works great! However, knowing how useful this system is to me, I would happily spend the money on the magnetic version next time.

Shannon Wood
Wish I had this years ago!!!

Sara & KC have created something truly special here. These visual schedules are EXACTLY what my brain needed to make home care & self care manageable! Excellent quality, beautiful design, durable, & fun. I cannot thank you both enough!!!


This has completely changed our night time routine and I’m so grateful for it!

Great for evening cleanup!

The closing duties chart has really helped us to define what tasks we need to do, how often, and to keep track of whether they've been done. It's very well made, nice to look at, and easy to use. It's helped our evening and morning routines to be calmer and less stressful.

Shannon Wood
My new favorite thing!!!

I wish I had these visual schedules during my childhood; I never understood why cleaning anything felt overwhelming and why I struggled with weekly care tasks. I was diagnosed with ADHD very late in life and am FINALLY finding tools to help home and self care become more manageable. Thank you, Mighty & Bright for creating something so helpful that's also adorable and fun. I have recommended your site to my therapist, students, family, friends, etc. These products are worth every penny, so treat yourself! You are worth it. :)

Britny Major
Beautiful Well Crafted Product

This lived up to all of my expectations. The quality of the magnetic board, the glass magnets, and the cling stickers was fantastic. The pairing with KC Davis was also a huge plus. We use our closing duties and room reset magnets almost every day.