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Keep kids on track and ease transitions with a daily routine chart that shows all their daily tasks.


Make to-do lists kid-friendly and teach mental-health aligned responsibility.


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School - Expansion Sheet

Coming end of March 2023 - if you order this, we'll ship the bulk of your order now, and this sheet separately, when it arrives!

School is a lot to manage for most kids, which is why our school sticker sheet is so helpful! Help kids handle everything from homework to tests to which day they need their library books, plus give them things to look forward to, like field trips and hot lunch days.


This set includes 53 designs for use with your Mighty + Bright calendar.

The School Set includes:

  • School (includes 5)
  • Afterschool Program (includes 5)
  • First Day of School
  • Last Day of School
  • Library Books
  • Homework (includes 5)
  • Test (includes 2)
  • Hot Lunch (includes 5)
  • Packed Lunch (includes 5)
  • Music
  • Art
  • No School (includes 5)
  • Field Trip
  • Online School
  • Minimum Day (includes 3)
  • School Assembly
  • Teacher's Conference
  • Picture Day
  • Camp (includes 5)
  • 100th Day of School
  • and two stickers to manage school drop-off/pick-up, to be used with dry or wet erase pen.
Layer 1

Fully Magnetic

Made of heavy-duty, thick steel with a tough outer coating, this magnetic chart will stand up to years of sticky fingers.

Layer 1

Dry Erase

Write directly on the board (and your magnets!) for tons of flexibility. Or use Sharpie, then remove it with hand sanitizer.

Hangs Anywhere

Attaches to magnetic surfaces like a refrigerator, or walls using our push-pin hooks.

Layer 1

Super Tough Glass Magnets

Weekly: fits 4 magnets per day

Daily: fits 7 magnets per row

Measures 11" by 5.5"

Use one week at a time, or create an always up-to-date perpetual calendar with multiple weeks

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